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Keeping Your Office Clean this Winter

Winter can be a lovely time of year with the white snow and austere beauty of the bare trees and landscape. But sometimes the winter can also wreak havoc on commercial properties and businesses, so it is important to stay on top of office cleaning at your Bloomington business. Here are a few of our favorite tips and suggestions on which office cleaning chores you or your office cleaning service should stay on top of this winter and throughout the rest of the year.

  • If you don’t have them already, use floor mats for any doors that lead to the outside. Floor mats will capture a lot of dirt, salt and other debris off of people’s feet before they track all of it farther into your office and onto the carpets and hard surface flooring. This makes office cleaning just a bit easier on you if you handle these tasks yourself. If you have a professional office cleaning service, it will make their jobs easier as well.
  • Make sure any gutters or draining systems on your building’s roof is working properly and not clogged with leaves and other debris. It might be cold outside, but make sure you do not neglect the exterior of your commercial property. If your gutters back up, it could cause other problems like a leaky roof.
  • An office cleaning service like ours can come to your office on a daily basis (if you want), and one of the many cleaning services we can provide is making sure everything is fully disinfected. This is especially important this time of year during flu season. It could help keep you, your employees and your clients healthy.
  • Do not neglect your building’s windows! This is one of the many office cleaning services we provide. Clean windows allow more sunlight to come into your office, and natural light can help increase your employees’ productivity. Not only that, sunlight is also a great way to help dry up any damp floors or carpeting, which means your carpets and floor could be in better shape come spring time. Clean windows also make your office more attractive to current and potential clients.

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Preparing Your Commercial Property’s Trees for Winter

With winter right around the corner, maybe you’ve already discussed winter tree care with your landscaping service. If you haven’t, you should give us a call because one of the many services our commercial cleaning company offers St Louis Park business owners is arborist services. Here are a few of our favorite tips on how to make sure your trees are ready for winter’s upcoming chill.

You should make sure your trees, especially ones with thinner bark or ones that have just been planted, are protected from sun scald. This also affects trees whose bottom branches were recently pruned or trees that were transplanted from a shady spot to a sunny one. Wrap the trees’ trunks with some type of commercial tree wrap or plastic tree guard: any light-colored material will do. The material should reflect the sun off of the tree and help to keep the bark at a more constant temperature. The wraps should be placed on your trees sometime during the fall months and taken off in the spring after the last frost.

The winter months can also cause problems for evergreen trees, like when the foliage turns brown or looks like it has been bleached. This can be caused by the winter sun and wind, especially during bright sunny days when it is still cold outside. You can take pine boughs (or a left over Christmas tree) and prop them up against or over your evergreens to protect them from the winter sun and wind. The boughs will also catch any snow that falls, and that will also offer them more protection.

Make sure your evergreens have plenty of water, especially during the crucial growing season and into the fall months. However, you should be sure not to over-water them either. You can also build a barrier out of burlap or a similar material and make sure the barrier goes around the south, southwest and windward sides of your evergreen trees. If the evergreens have a substantial amount of damage on all sides, the burlap barrier should go around the entire tree.

Of course, this is a lot of work depending on how many trees you have on your commercial property. You should call our professional commercial cleaning company and we can handle this and more for you!

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Benefits of Outsourcing Consumable Office Supplies

If you own or manage a business, then you definitely go through time periods where you are totally swamped with work. Between managing employees and ensuring customers are taken care of, there are plenty of office-related tasks that can easily get overlooked. Sometimes, it’s okay that they’re overlooked. Other times, if certain supplies are not restocked or certain tasks are not done on a regular basis, it can leave you and your employees in the lurch. Consumable office supplies in your Edina business are one of those things that you need to stay on top of.

Fortunately, you can hire a company like All Source Building Services and Supply Co. to keep your consumable office supplies fully stocked and ready to go. We can come on a scheduled basis or as needed to make sure you and your employees have everything you need.

You do not have to worry about whether or not you have enough paper towels in your bathroom or kitchen. And you do not have to worry that your kitchen doesn’t have enough napkins or paper plates for your next employee luncheon.

When we stock your consumable office supplies, you might actually end up saving some money on them. Sure, you have to pay us for our services, but we get good deals on these types of supplies, and we always try our best to pass those savings along to our customers.

Hiring us to restock your consumable office supplies and to take care of other aspects of your office cleaning means more of your time is freed up to take care of more important things like your customers, employees and making sure your business continues to run smoothly.

Hiring us can also help free up your time so you have more time for a personal life. Not having to worry about your consumable office supplies means you can leave your office for a sick day or to go on vacation, and you will not have to worry that your business’ bathroom will run out of toilet paper in your absence.

These are just a few reasons you should call us to learn about how we can help with your consumable office supplies and all of your other office cleaning needs.

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Winterization Tips from a Professional Office Cleaning Company

Today marks the first day of fall and with it comes warmer clothing, hot apple cider and autumn’s chilly temperatures. Now is a great time to start thinking about all of the chores that winter brings with it: putting out de-icer, cleaning up carpets that have salt and dirt all over them and making sure your commercial property’s heating system is ready for the winter. We offer office cleaning in Burnsville, and we can help you get your business winter-ready. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to start preparing.

Take a walk around the perimeter of your building. Do you have any outdoor lighting? Most commercial properties do, so take a close look at the lights and see if any of them need to be repaired. Check for frayed or torn wires and broken fixtures or light bulbs. Make sure these get fixed before we turn the clocks back and it starts getting dark in the mid-afternoon hours.

If your commercial property has any outdoor spigots for water, like for a garden hose, make sure those lines are empty and turned off. This will help when the temperatures drop below freezing. You will not have to worry about burst pipes flooding your office and necessitating a few extra trips from our office cleaning company.

Is your HVAC equipment ready? Go and inspect your furnace or boiler to see if any obvious repairs are needed. And, if need be, check and change the filter. You should call a professional HVAC repair company to inspect your heating system to ensure it is in good working order. You don’t want to turn the heating system on when it’s cold out only to discover it is blowing out cool air (or none at all!).

Finally, stock up on some de-icer for your building’s sidewalks and parking lot. Make sure you have plenty because, as we all know, Minnesota winters can get quite cold and icy!

Remember that during the winter months, carpeting and flooring take a beating because of people tracking in de-icer chemicals, ice, mud and dirt. A professional office cleaning company like All Source can come to your commercial building on a regular basis to make sure your floors, and all other parts of your office, are as spotless as possible.

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Tips and Tricks for Power Washing from Commercial Cleaning Services

It is hard to believe, but summer will be over soon. It will be fall before you know it! And that means it is time to tackle those summertime chores you haven’t been able to get to yet. If power washing is on your list and you need some assistance with it, you can call our commercial cleaning services. Minneapolis property owners and managers have trusted us for years with power washing and so much more. But in the meantime, here are a few tips on how to power wash the sides of your building, your sidewalks and more.

Tip 1: Test your power washer first

If you have never used a power washer before, or if you are using a new one, you should be sure to test it first. Start by spraying several feet away from the wall or object you are trying to clean. Move the wand from side to side a few times and then turn the power washer off. Check to see if the surface got clean. If not, move a bit closer and try again until the surface is clean. This can help minimize any potential damage to the wall, driveway or whatever you are trying to clean.

Tip 2: Plan what you are going to clean

If your building’s walls are looking dirty or if your sidewalks need some TLC, then power washing can help them get nice and clean again. But you don’t want to start power washing and then just start spraying and cleaning other objects at random. This can lead to you missing spots and needing to go over them again.

Plus, smaller objects and fixtures can break if the water from the power washer is aimed directly at them. And be careful when spraying around windows too. Commercial cleaning services like ours know how to power wash without damaging delicate or fragile fixtures.

Tip 3: Rinse the surface before it dries

If you are using soap or another cleaning product, be sure to apply it, let it sit for a few minutes (about five to ten minutes) so it can soak in and then thoroughly rinse the surface before the cleaning product dries. When you are ready to rinse, start at the top and work your way down until the entire surface is soap-free.

These are just a few suggestions for proper power washing. If you want to leave this chore in the hands of professionals, contact our commercial cleaning services!

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