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Office Cleaning in Brooklyn Park

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We here at All Source Building Services and Supply Co. have seen it all. We’ve been in business in Brooklyn Park for awhile now, so we’ve picked up a few office cleaning tips and tricks along the way. Here are a few common tips for office cleaning. Brooklyn Park and the surrounding areas have benefited from our office cleaning expertise for more than 10 years, so we hope these tips come in handy for you. Taking on the smaller office cleaning tasks yourself is one thing, but for the bigger tasks, we highly recommend you call in experts like us!

Keeping your Brooklyn Park workspace and office or warehouse clean is a great way to stay organized and motivated while you’re at work. You can do simple things like cleaning your computer, which is also a great way to stave off any colds or flus that might be floating around. First of all, shut down your computer and unplug it. Unplug the keyboard and tip it upside-down and shake it over your trash can. You can also take a can of compressed air and spray your keyboard with that as well. Using a damp cloth, take a few minutes to wipe down your keyboard. Allow it to completely air-dry before plugging it back into your computer.

Thanks to the snow and other outdoor elements, carpets and floors get really dirty this time of year in Brooklyn Park! Sure, it’s one thing to take a broom or damp mop to the floors, or a vacuum to carpets, but usually that’s not enough to clean up all of the dirt, grime and salt that gets tracked in. That’s where the professionals like All Source come in. Our office cleaning services include hard-surface floor care and carpet maintenance. So if your Brooklyn Park floors are looking dirty and grimy (or even slightly dirty), we can come in and make sure they are spic and span!

Take some time to wipe surfaces like door knobs and counters with antibacterial cleaner. When it’s time for an even deeper office cleaning for your Brooklyn Park business though, again, that’s where All Source can come in. We can do all office cleaning: from washing windows to power-washing to commercial janitorial services. It’s one thing to do it yourself, but it’s another thing to know that the experts are coming in to clean up!

When you’re ready for a thorough office cleaning of your Brooklyn Park business, give us a call at (952) 473-3228 or contact us online.

Guest Blog: How to Choose the Best Moving Company When Moving Your Commercial Business

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RJ Moving, a Twin Cities moving company, is a commercial and residential mover that has been in business for more than 15 years. We are licensed, insured and bonded and have helped many of your Twin Cities friends and neighbors with all of their moving needs. Not only are we movers, we will also pack and unpack your belongings, and we also provide storage services.

When you’re moving to a new office space, it is a stressful time in any business owner’s life. But one of the most nerve-racking parts of the moving process is choosing the best moving company. With so many rogue moving companies out there, how can you be sure that you’re hiring a company that is professional and won’t make promises they don’t intend to keep?

One of the best ways to start is to ask colleagues for recommendations. Also, start looking through the phone book or online and find some moving companies that are close to your business. After you compile your list call the American Moving and Storage Association at (888) 849-AMSA (2672) to see if the moving company is a member. If so, this means the company has agreed to abide by the organization’s tariffs and participate in its arbitration program. Also make sure the company is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

After you’ve culled your list down to three or four moving companies, call and get someone from the moving companies to visit your business and provide an estimate. When an estimator comes to your business, make sure you show them everything that will be moved, including items that are in a storage space or warehouse.

After all is said and done with your move, All Source Building Services & Supply Company can help with the final step of the moving process. Just before your furniture and other items are moved in, they can clean your new office first so it’s spic and span for your first official day! They offer office cleaning services like power washing, full window washing, painting, carpet and hardwood floor cleaning and more. And for your day-to-day needs, they also offer dayporter’s services and they can also supply, refill and make sure there are plenty of bathroom, lunchroom and other office supplies (like soap, roll towels, multifold towels, air fresheners, napkins and more) on a regular basis. They are a one-stop office-cleaning shop!

And you can eliminate almost all of these how-to-find-a-mover steps if you hire a moving company like us, RJ Moving. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded, and we have the testimonials to back up our claims of excellence. And thanks to our years of experience, we know how to handle even the trickiest of commercial moves in the Twin Cities area. Give us a call today at (612) 384-2028 or visit our website for a free quote.

Time is Money: The Biggest Benefit of a Business Cleaning Company

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Take out the trash. Dust the furniture. Mop the floors. Vacuum the carpet. No, these are not items for a weekend home cleaning list; these are jobs that have to be done every week (often daily) at a place of business. However, if you own a business, you don’t always have the time –or even energy-to do these rather mundane tasks. However, business cleaning goes hand in hand with having a business where people feel comfortable.

Having a clean reception area, shopping space, or office lets people know that you care about what you do and how you present to others. But, having that clean business space does not necessarily mean adding more work to your already long list of job related action items. There are many professional Minneapolis business cleaning companies that can help you take “Clean the office” off of your To Do List.

Think it’s not that big of a deal to run the vacuum or dust the office a couple of times a week? The think about the extra time you will have for fun family activities, getting in that extra workout at the gym or maybe having another hour to meet with a client. These are all valuable activities that can make your time well spent.

A business cleaning company offers you the best commodity available to anyone –no matter what your business specialty is – time. It is a resource that cannot be replenished, therefore not one to squander doing things that take away from what matters most. Hiring an office cleaning company is like buying time because the cleaning professionals come and do those jobs –vacuuming, dusting, emptying the trash, etc. so you don’t have to.

In fact, not only do they do the jobs noticed by your customers, but they can also take care of time-consuming things like checking the cleaning supply cupboard, stocking the supply closet and ordering needed items such as paper towels, soap and other products that are necessary. So, rather than writing one check for cleaning supplies, a check for paper products, and then losing money because you were cleaning the bathrooms rather than meeting with a client, you have one payment to a business cleaning company and you can meet with that client, too.

Hiring an office cleaning company is a win-win for business. After all, a clean and attractive business makes customers more comfortable and that means you have more business. If you are not sure that having a professional office cleaning company can benefit you, talk to the office cleaning pros at All Source Building Services and Supply Company in Minneapolis. We would be happy to show you how we can save you time, and ultimately money by hiring one of our teams to clean your business facility.

Contact us today by calling 952-473-3228 or contact us online.

Office Cleaning: Cold & Flu Season

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It’s just about that time of year again! Cold and flu symptoms are already starting to make their rounds. If you are one of the unlucky ones this year to suffer from the flu, you’ll wish you had taken some precautionary measures. One way to help prevent the flu from taking over your office is to have a reliable company perform regular office cleanings. Many germs can be transferred at work. You can help your employees stay healthy and working at maximum efficiency by having the office cleaned regularly.

Stay Home

The best advice for preventing the transfer of cold and flu symptoms is to stay home if you’re sick. According to a study done by Staples Advantage, nearly 80 percent of office workers said they would come to work even though they knew they were sick. This is especially alarming in large office buildings where there are many workers. If you are contagious, stay away from the office and coworkers.

Keep your Workspace Clean

The same study found 51 percent of workers admit to only cleaning their work area once a week or less. Your personal workspace can be one of the dirtiest areas in the whole office building. Germs can live for up to three days, especially on a keyboard. Frequently washing your hands and cleaning your workspace can do wonders to reduce your risk of infection.

Office Cleaning

The unhealthiest aspects of an office are the kitchen and bathroom followed by personal offices and workspaces. Our team of office cleaning professionals will work to keep all areas of your office clean, paying particular attention to high traffic areas. Don’t let an unclean office kitchen or bathroom harbor bacteria, and keep your staff from functioning as normal.

If you’re in need of a professional Minneapolis office cleaning company, give us a call today at 952-473-3228 or contact us online.

Mother Nature & Business Cleaning

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Keeping your building clean under normal conditions can be a hassle, but when Mother Nature chips in, it can be an outright nuisance. If your company is in Minneapolis, business cleaning might be best left to the professionals. The Twin Cities are no strangers to weather’s effects on the need for office cleaning. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the ways that a professional building cleaning company can keep your facility spotless, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Falling Debris & Clutter

Debris is especially noticeable in, but not limited to, the fall. Leaves, twigs and acorns are more noticeable. As people enter and exit your business, this debris can have a habit of piling up in the foyer. It also gets trapped on the roof, in HVAC equipment, on windowsills, in gutters and other places all around your facility. Our professional business cleaning company can keep up with the debris, so it doesn’t have a chance to pile up and cause issues.

Severe Weather

Severe weather is notorious for wreaking havoc on local Minneapolis businesses. If you find yourself in trouble, we do have emergency services available.

  • Flooding: If there is a lot of rain, flooding can become a legitimate concern. When flooding occurs, you will need to have the water removed from the building. But then, you have additional clean up of the areas that were wet. If you neglect additional cleanup efforts, you may cause permanent damage to your building.
  • Strong Winds: Strong winds can cause a lot of damage to your property. You may have tree limbs down, extra debris around and even parts of your building’s exterior damaged! If you are aware of the possibility of strong winds, it is important to prepare in advance. But, once the damage is done, there’s not much to do but clean up and move on.

In need of a reliable business cleaning company in Minneapolis? Look no further and give us a call today at 952-473-3228 or request a free estimate online.

Office Cleaning: Fall Allergens

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Think allergies are just limited to spring and summer? Think again! Many people suffer from fall allergies, as well. It’s an uncomfortable experience, to say the least. One profound way to cut down on allergy symptoms is removing the source of the allergies in the office. This is where we come in. We have a team of Minneapolis office cleaning professionals ready to help you conquer fall irritants. We can thoroughly clean your office regularly to remove the particles that result in fall allergies.

Common Autumn Allergy

According to WebMD, only 10% to 30% Americans suffer from fall allergies. The most commonly found fall allergen is ragweed, which results in hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. Some symptoms that plague those with allergies are runny nose, watering eyes, coughing, sneezing and more. These are unpleasant and hard to get rid of without medication. But, there are some steps you can take to lessen your symptoms.

Wash Up Frequently

It may seem obvious, but washing up frequently can cut down on your allergy symptoms. A well-stocked office should provide anti-bacterial soap and tissues for your convince. If you are out and about for your job or meet with a lot of people throughout the day, you may need to wash more frequently than others.

Remove the Presence of Allergens

The number one way to combat fall allergies, is to remove the presence of whatever spurs your symptoms. This means you’ll need a ragweed-free working environment. If you work in a busy office building, with a lot of foot traffic, you may be exposed to particles all throughout the day. Just because you’re inside, doesn’t mean you’re free from irritants. People can carry these small particles in on their clothing, bags and in their hair. A cleaned professionally office dramatically cuts down on the number of lingering particles.

Set up an office cleaning schedule today to reduce the presence of allergens all year round. Call us at 651-405-9276 or request a free estimate.

Thorough Building Cleaning Before Fall

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We hate to say it, but summer is rapidly coming to an end. In just about a month, we’ll officially welcome fall. If your office building does not have a professional Minneapolis business cleaning team to routinely service your facility, now is a good time to have it cleaned. Give your building a fresh start before the colder months set in. Some cleaning procedures are easier to complete while the weather is still warm, so schedule an appointment today.

Deep Cleaning

– Floors: All types of flooring material can benefit from a deep clean. Carpets can collect particles, reducing indoor air quality. Hardwood floors can lose their shine over time, and vinyl can get scuffed. A thorough cleaning can get your floors looking like they used to.

– Office: Anyone’s office could probably use a good thorough cleaning. After a period of time, dust starts to collect. Wiping down all the counters and scrubbing the floors can refresh the room and make for a better working environment.

– Bathrooms: The bathrooms are probably one of the most important places in your office to have cleaned. Our team uses industrial strength cleaners to ensure a deep cleaning kills any bacteria. Along with cleaning, we can also restock your bathroom with necessary items.

Exterior Building Cleaning

– Power Washing: Regular power washings are good for your building’s exterior. Power washing removes any build up dirt, allowing color to shine through. You can instantly improve your building’s look by simply washing it.

– Window Washing: All summer long, your windows have had to stand up to pollen and bugs. Our complete window washing services can remove any trapped particles, as well as increase visibility.

Need a good thorough building cleaning before fall? Schedule one today with All Source Building Service and Supply Company by calling 952-473-3228 or Request a Free Estimate.

Janitorial Services FAQs

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If you’re going to invest in outsourcing your janitorial services, it’s understandable you would have a variety of questions about how the process works. At All Source, we know that no matter where we’re working, whether it’s Minneapolis, Minnetonka or Bloomington, janitorial services provided by us can make a vast difference in how a business is perceived.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about our janitorial services:

Are your employees fully bonded and insured?

Yes. We make sure all of our employees are fully bonded and insured. All Source performs a thorough screening process on all new hires, and our employees are trained to assure best janitorial services practices.

What types of services do you provide?

We offer a wide range of janitorial services, including:

  • Trash removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping
  • Window washing
  • Dusting
  • Bathroom maintenance
  • Replenishment of consumable supplies
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Post-event clean up
  • Floor cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Debris, furniture, etc. hauling
  • Emergency restoration services
  • Electrical services
  • Power washing
  • Plumbing repair
  • Dayporter’s services
  • Painting

Do you refill bathroom and other supplies?

Yes. We refill and provide the following:

  • Mutlifold towels
  • Lunchroom supplies
  • Lighting products
  • Toilet paper
  • Napkins
  • Dispensers
  • Hygiene vending products
  • Trash liners
  • Air fresheners
  • Ice melts
  • Soaps
  • Safety supplies
  • Roll towels

Are you a franchise?

No. Our company is proud to be locally and privately owned and operated, and has served the Twin Cities metro for many years. This allows us to be able to connect with each client, while offering them the high-quality services they deserve.

Have questions about our janitorial services? Give us a call at 952-473-3228 or Click Here to Request a Free Estimate.

How to Begin the Process of Looking for Janitorial Services in Brooklyn Park

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The weather is warm and beautiful. Probably the last thing on your mind at the end of the day is the desire to clean your Brooklyn Park office building. You know it’s time to give that chore up and look for a professional office cleaning company, but you don’t know where to start. Below are some tips to begin the process of looking for Brooklyn Park janitorial services.

Identify Needs

The first step in choosing an office cleaning company to perform janitorial services is to identify what your company’s needs are. Think about what you clean frequently and which office cleaning supplies you buy often. These are things that a company providing janitorial services would take over for you.


Once you have identified what you need out of an office cleaning company it’s time to begin doing some research. The best way to find reliable janitorial services is by referral. So, talk to your friends in the industry who have their office cleaning taken care of. From there you can begin doing some research. Some qualities you should look for in a professional office cleaning company are:

  • Utilizes the latest cleaning equipment
  • Trained technicians perform the office cleaning
  • Employees are trustworthy, with background and drug tests performed
  • Company has all the proper licenses and bonds

How We Stack Up

We know there are a lot of companies to choose from, but we know that we can provide you with some of the best service in Brooklyn Park. Below are some reasons why.

  • We are an all-encompassing office cleaning company, from janitorial services to replenishing office cleaning and sanitary supplies.
  • On our website, we have testimonials from customers, so you can see first-hand what they have to say about our company.
  • We own and use all the latest cleaning technology and equipment.
  • Only our trained and skilled employees will be entering and cleaning your office.
  • Our entire team must pass a series of clearances to secure employment.
  • All Source Building Services & Supply Company has all the necessary licenses and we are bonded

To hire us to complete the necessary janitorial services in your Brooklyn Park office, call 952-473-3228 today or Request a Quote.

Janitorial Services vs. Janitorial Supplies in Maple Grove

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If you’re any normal business owner, cleaning the office is probably not on your list of favorites. Even lower on the list for those who have to carry out the cleaning! Maybe right now you’re on a rotating schedule, or maybe you often get tasked with it. Remove this responsibility from those in your office, by hiring All Source Building Services and Supply Company to do it for you. As your local Maple Grove janitorial services company, we can handle everything you need. You may be deciding between janitorial supplies and full janitorial services, so in the blog we discuss the advantages to each service.

Janitorial Supplies

Having janitorial supplies delivered to your office on a regular basis will probably save you time and money. No more going to the store and picking up the necessities to clean your office. Never worry about running out of toilet paper again! If you have a large office, it may also be beneficial to have the large quantity of janitorial supplies delivered to your front door. Some of the most popular janitorial supplies we provide include:

  • Paper towels
  • Soaps
  • Trash liners
  • Toilet paper
  • Lunchroom supplies
  • And more!

Janitorial Services

For those who have a business in Maple Grove, janitorial services may be the way to go. We can provide you with full janitorial services and more. Don’t have your office staff clean up anymore. Let them focus on what needs done for your business and leave the cleaning to us. It’s kind of our thing. We can clean your office daily, weekly, monthly or as needed. Whatever your needs are, we’ll devise a plan to get you back to the work you’re paid to do.

Get started with our Maple Grove janitorial services today by calling 952-473-3228 or Request a Free Estimate.

The All Source team did a really great job cleaning our building. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Our previous office cleaners left us high and dry, and were not doing a very good job. Dan and his crew came in and did the job right. These guys are untouchable.
Not only is All Source great at what they do, but the staff is friendly and professional. Thanks for all you do!
The best office cleaning company in the Twin Cities.
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