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Professional Business Cleaning Helps with Allergy Season

Spring is here and warmer weather is finally making an appearance in the Twin Cities. But, with spring also comes springtime allergies. And, at All Source, we see firsthand what business cleaning can do to help prevent or curb the affects allergy season. After all, the last thing you want is to have an office filled with sneezing and runny noses.

Business Cleaning St Louis Park

This time of year pollen, dust, and all sorts of other allergens fill the air, winding up all over surfaces and fabric within the office. As your local, professional experts in business cleaning for St Louis Park we would like to tell you all that we do to combat these nasty allergens and keep offices clean and healthy.

Imagine trying to get through the work day while sneezing and itching your eyes. That’s why it is so essential to stay on top of your spring business cleaning. But, it doesn’t have to be your responsibility. Leave it up to the business cleaning experts at All Source. We will:

  • Be proactive and get your carpets taken care of regularly. Thorough carpet cleaning should be a core part of a regular business cleaning schedule. And, we will provide comprehensive cleaning for all flooring and carpets throughout your business. Using state-of-the-art cleaning technology and a crew of expert cleaning technicians, All Source Building Services and Supply Company will make sure your carpets are spotless and looking as good as new. Carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpets, as well as improve indoor air quality and prevent allergens.
  • Provide unmatched hard surface cleaning. When we come to your office for business cleaning, you can rest assured that when we leave, your hard surface floors will look their best. We will dust, sweep, vacuum and scrub to ensure they are as clean and allergen free as possible.
  • Provide dayporter services to reach all ends of your business. Our business cleaning and dayporter’s services can be tailored to meet your needs. So even if you don’t need our dayporter’s services on a daily basis, we can come to your business on a weekly, monthly or as-needed basis.

By having a professional business cleaning company handle your cleaning routine, you’ll know the job is getting done well. We are some of the best in the industry, ready to help you with your carpet maintenance and all of your business cleaning needs.

For more information about business cleaning in St Louis Park, call All Source at 952-473-3228 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

4 Essential Areas to Hit During Your Office Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! And, though you may already be tackling your spring cleaning at home, have you considered spring cleaning for your office? If not, don’t fret! As experts in commercial cleaning services for Burnsville and the surrounding areas, we are here to take care of it for you! But first, we would like to tell you a little bit about a few key areas every spring cleaning should include. But don’t feel you have to take it on yourself! When you’re ready, contact the professionals here at All Source and we will provide any or all of the commercial cleaning services you need.

Commercial Cleaning Burnsville

The Windows

This is one of the most essential commercial cleaning services for spring. After all of the snow, sleet, rain and salt of winter; your windows could use a little scrubbing. After all, you want to let the sun shine in now that the weather is improving. Cleaning your windows will help by removing any dirt on the windows, making them more energy efficient. Also, cleaning out any dirt from in the sill will help your windows to seal more efficiently. Regular window washings also help to remove anything trapped on the glass from weakening it.

The Building Exterior

Your office building may need power washed after the winter, especially if you are located right on a well-traveled road. Cleaning off the exterior of your office can provide you with a better image to the public. Power washing can remove dirt, mold, and mildew which can cause rot and decay. It is important to ensure the proper equipment is used and the project is completed in a timely fashion. That’s why it’s so important to hire the professionals for these types of commercial cleaning services.

A Fresh Coat of Paint & More

There are a few more permanent commercial services you should consider this spring. If you are having construction done or if you are moving offices, we can help with the before and after clean up. If you’re moving offices, you may be cleaning out a lot of unwanted materials. You might not be able to take everything with you, or you just don’t need it anymore. If you’re giving your office a fresh new look, don’t worry about having to remove excess trash. We can handle it!

No matter what services you need, springtime is a great time to take care of all of the things you’ve been putting off all winter. Here are a few more of the many commercial cleaning services we can provide:

  • Painting
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • And more

Are you interested in learning more about our commercial cleaning service for your Burnsville business? Call All Source at 952-473-3228 or schedule a time for a Free Estimate.

The Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

Do you and your employees understand the differences between cleaning and sanitizing your office? Our janitorial staff at All Source are experts on the subject. We specialize in janitorial services for Edina area businesses and can get your office as clean as it should be. It’s crucial to know the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing in order to effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This time of year can still be a hotbed for the cold and flue so it is essential not to lower your defenses. That’s where we come in. We can take care of everything for you, but first, we would like to explain the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. It is important all of these janitorial services occur on a regular basis to ensure the health and well-being of your business.

janitorial services


Cleaning simply works by using soap and water to physically remove dust, dirt and germs from surfaces. Cleaning does not necessarily kill germs, but it can lower their abundance. This, in turn, could help to reduce the risk of spreading infection.


Disinfecting does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces but uses chemicals to kill germs. By killing germs on a surface after cleaning, disinfecting can further reduce the risk of spreading infection.


As determined by public health standards or requirements, sanitizing can lower the number of germs to a safe level. Sanitization works by either cleaning or disinfecting to lower the risk of spreading infection.

All three of these processes are necessary janitorial services to achieve a clean workplace. You can’t completely eliminate germs, but you can certainly curb their ability to spread easily.

One of the best way individuals can prevent the spread of infections is to practice good personal hygiene. Wash hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

But really, one of the best things you can do is invest in professional janitorial services to keep your office clean. At All Source Building Services and Supply Co., we offer a variety of janitorial services and can tailor those services to meet your specific needs. A commercial cleaning service like ours will customize a plan to make sure that we tackle the trouble spots, ensuring we clean every necessary part of your office.

Are you interested in hiring our janitorial services for your Edina business? Call All Source at 952-473-3228 or schedule a time for a Free Estimate.

Keeping Your Office Clean in the New Year

Happy New Year! Does your New Year’s resolution include keeping your office cleaner this year? January brings winter weather and other obstacles that can interfere with many a resolution. But, as experts in office cleaning for Roseville, we have some tips to help keep your office looking its best all yearlong.

office cleaning

Winter 2018 is a great time to start thinking about professional office cleaning and keeping your office clean and safe. This can include putting out de-icer, cleaning up carpets, disinfecting and making sure your commercial property’s heating system is ready for the long haul. At All Source we can help you get your business winter-ready and help you keep your New Year’s resolution. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to yourself before we arrive for your scheduled office cleaning:

Is your heating system ready? Inspect your office’s furnace or boiler to see if any obvious repairs are needed. And, if need be, check and change the filter. You should call a professional HVAC repair company to inspect your heating system to ensure it is in good working order.

Next, stock up on some de-icer for your building’s sidewalks and parking lot. Make sure you have plenty. As you well know, Minnesota winters can bring plenty of ice and snow!

With all of this de-icer, mud and dirt, carpeting and flooring take a beating. A professional office cleaning company like All Source can come to your commercial building on a regular basis to make sure your floors, and all other parts of your office, are as spotless as possible. Your floors are a reflection of the cleanliness of your business, even in the winter, so don’t let them fall by the wayside. Ask about our carpet maintenance program as part of your regularly scheduled office cleaning.

Does your office have outdoor lighting? Most commercial properties do, so take a close look at the lights and see if any of them need to be repaired. Check for frayed or torn wires and broken fixtures or light bulbs. Let us know if you need any of these fixed and we will be sure to get the lights working so no one’s stuck in the dark. Ask about our expert electrical services!

If your commercial property has any outdoor spigots for water, make sure those lines are empty and turned off if you haven’t already. This helps when the temperatures drop below freezing and you won’t have to worry about burst pipes flooding your office. But, if something does happen, you can call us to help with any and all of your office cleaning needs. We offer services in plumbing repair, construction projects and emergency restoration.

Do you want more information on office cleaning in Roseville? Call All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228 or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.

Thank You and Happy Holidays from All Source

With the end of 2017 quickly approaching, we want to take a moment to thank all our wonderful customers for their support. We are grateful to have served the Twin Cities metro with our commercial cleaning services for more than 10 years. We could not be in business this long without the support and patronage from so many of you!

As this year winds down, we just want to thank each and every one of you for your patronage, whether as a new or returning customer. We hope you will trust us for all your future cleaning and janitorial needs!

We wish each of you a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

Merry Christmas