The Importance of Winter Commercial Floor Cleaning

Keeping floors in pristine condition year-round is a challenge. Imagine finding that your floors are damaged after a long winter. Certain floor styles can take a beating in the winter from salt that is brought inside on people’s shoes. A professional cleaning company like ours will provide you with comprehensive services including winter cleaning tips and excellent floor cleaning services for all types of flooring. We offer commercial floor cleaning for St Paul and the surrounding areas and have put together a list of everything that should be done to clean and protect your floors this winter.

commercial floor cleaning St Paul

Ice melt and salt are essential in the winter for preventing slippery patches outside of your building. However, salt can cause serious damage to your indoor flooring. These chemicals can easily be tracked to the indoor areas of your building, leaving ugly white stains on carpet and scratching up tile floors. Salt ruins floors and using the wrong cleaners can cause sticky residue and dissolve the finish on the floor. By having your floors cleaned professionally by our commercial floor cleaning experts, you can ensure this salt is being removed and no longer damaging your floors.

In addition to removing salt from your floor, frequent commercial floor cleaning of your carpets in the winter is crucial to ensuring they look great year-round. While it may seem like a good idea to wait until spring and get rid of all the winter buildup, you still need to clean carpets regularly in the winter. Carpets can get dirty from what people bring in on their shoes and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to clean. Also, when deep cleaning, carpet needs to dry. Carpet actually dries faster in the winter because of its low humidity which allows moisture to evaporate quickly.

Last but not least, you should increase overall cleaning in the winter. When it’s cold outside (or there’s a pandemic), people are more likely to stay indoors. In addition to commercial floor cleaning, the following tasks should be performed regularly in your facility:

  • Sanitization
  • Window washing
  • Office system cleaning
  • Carpet care
  • Hard-surface floor cleaning & maintenance
  • Reception area/lobby cleaning
  • Kitchen, restroom, and break room restocking
  • Waste removal
  • And more

Ready to get started? Don’t let the cleanliness of your facility become worse this winter. For more information about commercial floor cleaning in and around St Paul, call All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228, or you can contact us to schedule your free estimate.