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What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company: Top Five

A clean office is a more productive office. The cleanliness of a work place has a huge influence on the well-being of those who spend their time there. It is important that you set up a reliable schedule of thorough cleaning to keep your air fresh and your showroom or office looking great. Should you not have time to take on the daunting task of a regular cleaning schedule yourself, your business may be an ideal candidate for our commercial cleaning service in Brooklyn Park.

You and your employees work very hard and we know how busy an office can be, so office cleaning may not be at the top of your priority list. That’s why our experts at All Source Building Service & Supply Co. have created a list of the top five most important aspects to look for in a commercial cleaning service.

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A Comprehensive Clean
A commercial cleaning service should hit all the important, must-clean areas of an office. From vacuuming to power washing, bathroom maintenance and refilling consumable supplies, make sure you are getting all of the services you want and nothing falls through the cracks. Our staff will make your business sparkle, as we clean every space from top to bottom. You also don’t have to worry about running out of soap, toilet paper or paper towels. We stock and replace those, so you don’t have to!

Our knowledgeable commercial cleaning staff uses only safe chemicals and techniques for a trusted, reliable clean, every time. We use the right equipment and programs for a cleaning service you can trust.

Trusted Cleaning Staff
We have served hundreds of clients over our history, including retail outlets, car dealerships, manufacturers, medical practices and more. And, before All Source, our owner Dan Shanesy spent almost two decades as a commercial property manager. He’s been on both sides of the fence, so he fully understands what you, our commercial client wants and doesn’t want.

Significant Savings
You shouldn’t have to spend a significant amount on supplies, employees, equipment etc. when it comes to getting your office clean. When you choose All Source, we take care of it all! We will come in and provide not only the cleaning but all that comes with it, leaving your employees with more time to spend on the important business-related issues.

Locally Owned & Operated
We personally think this is very important! We’re not a franchise company. We have been in operation for over ten years, proudly serving the Twin Cities metro area. This means, each service is personalized for each individual client’s needs. And, we’re available all the time. All Source is always just a phone call away.

Learn more about all of our commercial cleaning services in Brooklyn Park! Give us a call at 952-473-3228, or request a Free Estimate!

Janitorial Services Help you Clean Up in Other Areas

Running your business involves the litany of tasks and procedures that allow you to move continuously forward and generate revenue. In addition to the brass tacks of running things, there is also the trash, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and the like that also needs to be taken care of. Is cleaning a way that you yourself or the employees that you oversee should be spending their time at the office or warehouse? Isn’t the goal to grow the business by conducting business? Don’t continue to waste your time and that of your workers. Bring in a worthy janitorial services company to Roseville area businesses like Allsource.

So you have a reception area, shopping space, or office to worry about keeping tidy. Keeping a clean set up allows all who visit (regardless of purpose) see that you do indeed care about the way your present. The accumulated time spent by whomever it is on staff that would otherwise be spent doing something productive as it actually pertains to their job title in the form of cleaning is wasted.

Hiring a janitorial services company frees you and yours up, giving time back to the business itself. In fact, you are in effect buying time (in the money you spend on janitorial services) because the cleaning professionals we provide come and handle these tasks. You no longer have to do or delegate cleaning jobs. You are free to pursue other interests, business or pleasure.

Our janitorial services can indeed be modified so that our crew can handle other things that need be done within your property. Other tasks that also take people away from work like keeping the supply closet stocked, the bathroom clean and loaded with expected implements among other things can be tackled by our willing and able janitorial services crew.

You can only be benefitted by making the choice to bring in a janitorial services company. A clean office creates a much nicer environment for workers and clients alike. One less thing to worry about so that you can deal with other concerns. If you would like to know just how bringing in one of our janitorial services teams to your business can be catered to meet your exact needs even down to scheduling, all it takes is a phone call. Run your needs by us and we will put together an estimate and even get you on our regular schedule if you so choose.

Call All Source to learn even more about the janitorial services we offer Roseville businesses. Call us today at 952-473-3228 or contact us online.

Professional Business Cleaning Clears Up Your Schedule

Cleaning is at the top of the fun list for very few. This certainly applies to businesses. Not many employees in a company want to clean when their position is not directly tied to the practice. This is why so many local entities hire business cleaning services for their company in Plymouth or nearby towns. All Source takes care of these needs and beyond! If you do not have a business cleaning service tidying your office you cannot know the benefits therein. Here are just a few reasons you should consider hiring a business cleaning service today:


A business cleaning service will have all of the correct tools and supplies to handle any and all tasks you want addressed. Cleaning supplies are simple in principal but the possibility of grabbing the wrong one for a particular set of cleaning jobs can do damage to office equipment and furniture.


You run a business. You do not need to waste time of your own or that of your employees who you would rather have doing the particular jobs you hired them for, not cleaning. On some days, every single moment counts. Do not add to the burden on you or your staff by placing potentially lengthy cleaning projects on them. Your office does not have to be a mess. Hiring a worthwhile business cleaning service means no one will have to stay late or show up early for the sole purpose of cleaning.


Does it seem like there’s always a sickness making its way through your office? How often are your people calling in sick?  The cozy confines of your office are a breeding ground and harborer of viruses. Just one employee falling ill can set in motion a sickness that courses its way throughout all who work in your office, drastically altering the productivity of it. Bring in a business cleaning service that will effectively disinfect and remove those viruses!


A dirty office can disgust anyone you are trying to impress. If you are trying to bring in new business within an office that is covered in dust and grime, you risk losing that business before even a handshake occurs. Establish a permanently spotless office by hiring a business cleaning powerhouse like All Source!


Cleaning is time consuming. Small tasks often add up to a mountain of time. How much time is lost to cleaning during the workday? Don’t pay your employees to clean the office.  Do yourself a favor, save some time and money by outsourcing your cleaning tasks.

Would you like more information on our business cleaning services in Plymouth or local towns? Call All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228, or you can contact us to schedule your Free Estimate.

Outsourced Consumable Supplies Leave You Without Unpleasant Surprise

As the owner of your own business, there are stretches of times that unfold when you are absolutely swamped with work—if not all of the time. You are already managing employees, keeping customers happy and handling office tasks so why worry about keeping the shelves of your consumable supplies stocked? It is just another thing to do on an ever-growing list of tasks that you should really consider delegating. At the very top of the list of tasks to delegate are the purchase and keeping stock of your consumable supplies in your Minnetonka and surrounding area’s business.

All Source Building Services and Supply can ensure that you stay stocked and do not find yourself in a position of having to run to the box store to grab paper, printer ink, etc. We can visit and replenish on a regular, scheduled basis or even just as needed to guarantee all things needed are things present when sought within your office. No more concern over whether or not there is enough toilet paper in the bathrooms or paper towels in the kitchen/break area.

When you opt to outsource the acquisition of consumable supplies for your business you may ultimately end up saving money. Yes, we do collect a fee for the services we provide, but you get to reap the rewards of our contacts and networking efforts that have yielded us huge savings on consumable supplies. We, in turn, pass those savings along to our most valuable assets, our customers.

In addition to bringing us on to restock your consumable supplies can just be a gateway to a fruitful business relationship. We handle quite of bit of other mundane tasks in the office and business realms that include cleaning of sorts and varieties, regardless of the type of business you operate. Hiring us can free up your schedule so that you have more time for a personal life. Not having to worry about your consumable office supplies means you can leave your office for a sick day or to go on vacation, and you will not have to worry that your business’ will run out of paper plates and plastic cutlery for an employee’s birthday during  in your absence.

These are among the many reasons you should consider calling on us. If you wish to learn more about the cleaning services we provide or how we can help with keeping the consumable supplies stocked at your Minnetonka are business, call us at All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Commercial Cleaning Companies Allow More Time For You and Your Business

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to clean. This may include the people who already carry out the cleaning at your business. Have you ever thought about outsourcing the cleaning tasks? All Source Building Services and Supply are a commercial cleaning company that can handle virtually every single aspect of upkeep that your company requires. When you make the choice to hire a commercial cleaning company you will immediately begin to reap the rewards. Take a look at the following reasons why hiring a commercial cleaning company can help your Minneapolis business run much more smoothly:

How often do members of your team get sick? Like there is always some sort of bug going around the office leading to call-outs? An office can be a narrow corridor, viruses and the like can fester anywhere once “brought in”. Just one of your workers falling ill while in the office can unfurl that dreaded chain reaction that leads to overall loss of productivity. Your bottom line can be affected by those infected. Keep the office clean by hiring a commercial cleaning company. This will help minimize sickness.

Perhaps your office is not organized or generally dirty. Employees, customers and potential clients all will see the mess. If you are trying to score new business and having your appointment within a nasty-looking office, your first impression will not be a good one. Your office can be spotless when you hire a commercial cleaning company that will handle the dirty work for you.

Any worthwhile commercial cleaning company will have the correct equipment, tools and cleaning supplies to handle any situation calling for clean-up. Rely on professionals who do this for a living, don’t do damage to office equipment or furniture by using the wrong product.

You spend all day in your business. Once you close up for the day do you really want to slog through a major cleaning task? Doing so will rob you of more of your precious time. Days pop up where every second counts—those that you would love to just leave but doing so will leave the office or the workspace looking a pig pen. Call on a commercial cleaning company that can handle all messes on a schedule or a semi-regular basis.

Are you interested in learning more about our commercial cleaning company serving Minneapolis? Call All Source at 952-473-3228 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.