5 Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning standards have continued to remain improved in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are facing extra steps required to ensure cleanliness and sanitation to protect their employees and customers. However, all of this extra time cleaning can take away from the rest of the work at hand. That’s why, here at All Source, we offer commercial cleaning services to Brooklyn Park and the surrounding Twin Cities area!

Our commercial cleaning services come with a range of benefits to both you, your employees and your customers.

1. Improved Health and Safety

Especially after the pandemic, health and safety has been a major discussion for many businesses. How can business owners best protect their employees and in turn their livelihoods? The answer: proper cleaning and sanitation!

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Hiring a professional for commercial cleaning services allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that the best practices in the cleaning industry will be used at your business to protect the health and safety of all who enter. Professional cleaning ensures that the majority of harmful germs and bacteria are eliminated, allowing everyone peace of mind at work!

2. Decreased Maintenance Cost

One of the most overlooked benefits on this list is that proper cleaning can actually decrease costs of maintenance over time! Inadequate cleaning habits can lead to a range of issues that are more expensive to fix. For example, air conditioning units perform at their best when filters are regularly cleaned. Forgetting to clean those filters can lead to issues greater than simply a harder time cleaning the filter, but can overall cause a business to require entirely new units.

The same can be said about other equipment, flooring and more! A lack of proper cleaning can shorten the average lifespan of many investments into your business, costing you even more money in the long run.

3. Increased Productivity

When employees aren’t expected to maintain the cleanliness of the whole office on top of their other duties, they are able to be more productive in the role that you hired them for. Cleaning can eat up extra time that you and your employees don’t have to spare during an already busy work week.

Plus, when employees remain healthy thanks to proper cleaning practices, there are fewer risks of employees getting sick and requiring time off to rest and recover – leaving them feeling happy, healthy and productive!

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

As a customer of another business, have you ever entered an office that was dirty? Did you want to give that company your business? Chances are, if you host customers in your office, cleanliness plays a large part in whether that customer decided to continue giving you their business.

A clean office can leave customers feeling more at ease about the choice to work with your business, increasing their satisfaction with the overall experience.

5. Personalized Cleaning Plan & Schedule

Here at All Source, we can completely tailor our commercial cleaning services to the needs of your business. From what we clean to how often we are there, whether you want us to manage stocking consumables or not – every inch of our approach is customized to you!

Are you ready to schedule your commercial cleaning services in Brooklyn Park or the surrounding Twin Cities area? Call All Source at 952-473-3228 or you can request a free estimate.