Mother Nature & Business Cleaning

Keeping your building clean under normal conditions can be a hassle, but when Mother Nature chips in, it can be an outright nuisance. If your company is in Minneapolis, business cleaning might be best left to the professionals. The Twin Cities are no strangers to weather’s effects on the need for office cleaning. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the ways that a professional building cleaning company can keep your facility spotless, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you!

Falling Debris & Clutter

Debris is especially noticeable in, but not limited to, the fall. Leaves, twigs and acorns are more noticeable. As people enter and exit your business, this debris can have a habit of piling up in the foyer. It also gets trapped on the roof, in HVAC equipment, on windowsills, in gutters and other places all around your facility. Our professional business cleaning company can keep up with the debris, so it doesn’t have a chance to pile up and cause issues.

Severe Weather

Severe weather is notorious for wreaking havoc on local Minneapolis businesses. If you find yourself in trouble, we do have emergency services available.

  • Flooding: If there is a lot of rain, flooding can become a legitimate concern. When flooding occurs, you will need to have the water removed from the building. But then, you have additional clean up of the areas that were wet. If you neglect additional cleanup efforts, you may cause permanent damage to your building.
  • Strong Winds: Strong winds can cause a lot of damage to your property. You may have tree limbs down, extra debris around and even parts of your building’s exterior damaged! If you are aware of the possibility of strong winds, it is important to prepare in advance. But, once the damage is done, there’s not much to do but clean up and move on.

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