Office Cleaning: Cold & Flu Season

It’s just about that time of year again! Cold and flu symptoms are already starting to make their rounds. If you are one of the unlucky ones this year to suffer from the flu, you’ll wish you had taken some precautionary measures. One way to help prevent the flu from taking over your office is to have a reliable company perform regular office cleanings. Many germs can be transferred at work. You can help your employees stay healthy and working at maximum efficiency by having the office cleaned regularly.

Stay Home

The best advice for preventing the transfer of cold and flu symptoms is to stay home if you’re sick. According to a study done by Staples Advantage, nearly 80 percent of office workers said they would come to work even though they knew they were sick. This is especially alarming in large office buildings where there are many workers. If you are contagious, stay away from the office and coworkers.

Keep your Workspace Clean

The same study found 51 percent of workers admit to only cleaning their work area once a week or less. Your personal workspace can be one of the dirtiest areas in the whole office building. Germs can live for up to three days, especially on a keyboard. Frequently washing your hands and cleaning your workspace can do wonders to reduce your risk of infection.

Office Cleaning

The unhealthiest aspects of an office are the kitchen and bathroom followed by personal offices and workspaces. Our team of office cleaning professionals will work to keep all areas of your office clean, paying particular attention to high traffic areas. Don’t let an unclean office kitchen or bathroom harbor bacteria, and keep your staff from functioning as normal.

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