Building Services: Winterizing Your Office Building

Winter is here, which means we are already experiencing snow and freezing cold temperatures. Now is the perfect time to get your office building ready for winter’s chill and precipitation. We offer a variety of building services in Minnetonka, so we have some suggestions on how to make sure your building is winter-ready.


One of the most important building services is making sure the HVAC equipment is ready for the cold months. The furnace or other heating units should be cleaned both inside and outside. Filters should be changed and the system should be tested. If you see any problems, call in a reliable HVAC company to make the repairs or, if you are qualified, make them on your own.


Double check the caulking around doors and windows. Make sure there is no warm air escaping through cracks. If you notice a problem, take the time to recaulk as needed so warm air doesn’t continue to escape.


Keep a bag of rock salt on hand, and always make sure you have something for traction too, like sand. De-icer can help melt any ice that forms and sand can make it easier for people to safely walk in and out of the building. By the same token, watch out for icicles. If you see big ones forming along the edge of the building, try to safely knock them down. If they fall on someone, they could cause serious injury or worse.

Clear snow

One of the most important building services you can provide is to keep snow clear from emergency exits, fire lanes and fire hydrants. Take the time to shovel snow and ice away from these areas so the building occupants stay safe no matter what the weather is outside.


Make sure all outdoor pipes are turned off. As for indoor pipes, make sure they are properly insulated so they do not freeze and burst. If the weather dips below freezing for several days, consider allowing the faucets to drip some water out of them. Moving water does not freeze as quickly as standing water.

Taking the time to get your building ready for winter is a great way to help prevent hassles and expensive repairs that can result from burst pipes, broken heating units and other potential issues.


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