Winter Causes Need for Extra Building Services in Minnetonka

This winter has been abnormally harsh. Building services companies have been doing double duty to keep up with all the residuals of relentless snow and ice. For businesses in communities around the Twin Cities, like Minnetonka, building services requests may have increased over the past few months, with no sign of stopping! We’re used to toughing it out, but the winter of 2014 has knocked us Minnesotans for a loop. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the top reasons we visit Minnetonka to provide building services.

Cold & Flu Season

Along with seemingly endless precipitation, cold and flu season is in full swing. If you have been able to dodge it so far this year, count yourself lucky. Offices are the perfect place to share germs. During the winter the windows are shut, and people are in close proximity for long periods of time. Building services can help reduce the probability of sharing your flu virus with cubical C. By providing regular, routing cleaning services to Minnetonka offices we kill the germs before they’re able to spread.

Winter Grime

All the snow, ice and salt that has been tracked into buildings around Minnetonka, leaves them looking dingy. Places like foyers, elevators and cafeterias get the brunt of the mess. Anywhere that has high foot traffic, could probably be cleaned every day and then some! No business owner wants a dirty facility, but what are you to do when the weather’s been this crummy? An increase in business services is the answer. We’ve been mopping up facilities all winter. They can proudly still have clients and potential clients into their building, without worrying about how it looks.

Does your Minnetonka facility need some extra building services this winter? Let’s talk. Contact us today calling 952-473-3228 or Contact us Online.