How to Clean and Care For Hard Surface Flooring

When you are a business owner, it’s important to make sure you put your best foot forward. This includes the aesthetics of your business. In order to attract and keep customers, you should be sure your business always looks its best. That is why you should hire us for office cleaning in Minneapolis! One of the many office cleaning services we offer is hard surface flooring care. Here are a few ways you can keep your hard surface flooring looking great in between our visits.

  • If anything is spilled, make sure it is wiped up immediately. While water and clear liquids will not stain like grape juice or another dark liquid, any sort of liquid on hard surface floors can present a fall risk. Make sure spills are cleaned up right after they happen so no one gets hurt and so they don’t stain.
  • Our office cleaning service will make sure your hard surface floors are mopped and swept during each visit. But you should also be sure to sweep it on an as-needed basis, especially if leaves and other debris are blown inside as the door is being opened and closed.
  • If it’s practical, consider placing runners or area rugs with slip-resistant backings on hard surface floors. This can help keep the floors clean, especially in high traffic areas.
  • If you have to move heavy pieces of furniture across hard surface flooring, use some type of cart to move the object or at least place a protective covering over the floors. That can help prevent scratches and other damage.
  • Our office cleaning technicians will only use cleaners that are specifically designed for hard surface flooring when we come to clean your office. If you clean your hard surface floors for whatever reason, be sure to use cleaning products that are specifically made for your particular type of flooring. This could save you money and hassle in the long run since regular household dust cleaners could cause permanent damage to your floors.
  • Make sure you have mats near the doors so people can wipe their feet before they enter your business. This could also help keep your carpeting clean too.

We hope you found these office cleaning tips helpful!

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