Office Cleaning Company IN MINNEAPOLIS



All Source Building Services of Twin Cities MN

For over a decade, All Source Building Services & Supply has proudly served the Minneapolis metro, keeping City of Lakes offices clean and their important supplies in stock. All Source customers trust and rely on our services so they can focus on the types of work they do best.

What sets All Source apart from the competition? For starters, All Source offers several different services, which allow you to stick with one company instead of hiring several. Need an office cleaning company in Minneapolis? All Source has you covered. Need carpet care or floor cleaning? We can take care of that too. Want someone else to worry about how much toilet paper is left? All Source can make sure supplies like that stay replenished.

All Source is also a locally-owned business with a unique perspective. Based out of Minnetonka, All Source can serve nearby Minneapolis customers better than most chain operations. Prior to starting All Source, owner Dan Shanesy spent 17 years as a commercial property manager. Due to this experience, Shanesy and All Source have great insight into what commercial customers want.

Ready to get started with All Source? Call us today at (952) 473-3228.