Window Washing and Hard Surface Floor Cleaning: Tips from the Pros

You’re a busy business owner, so you probably don’t have a lot of time to give to tasks like cleaning windows and floors. Which is why All Source Building Service & Supply is here. We take care of these cleaning tasks so you don’t have to worry about them. We are a full window washing service in Minneapolis and a hard surface floor care service in Minneapolis too. We also offer a variety of other cleaning and maintenance services, so we thought we would offer our readers a few of our favorite cleaning tips.

Window Washing

You might think that elbow grease, water, a ton of cleaning chemicals and a soft cloth are all you need to clean windows. But in reality, you need a squeegee, a bucket, warm water and a little bit of dishwashing soap. When you scrub windows with a cloth or even with newspaper, you are giving it a static charge. And that just attracts more dirt and dust to the windows, which totally negates all of the work you just did! As a full window washing service, we have learned a few tricks along the way. And the best one we can pass along is to use as little soap as possible on your windows. After each pass over the window with your squeegee, make sure you wipe it with a cloth diaper or old linen napkin.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard surface floors need some regular TLC in order to keep them looking their best. Never use an oil-based cleaning product. Wax, furniture polish, ammonia-based or abrasive cleaners should never be used either. To keep them clean, just use a soft cloth or mop. Also, laying down a mat in front of the door leading into the room can also be a big help in keeping them clean. As a hard surface floor care service, we can keep your hard surface floors nice and clean so your business always looks its best.

Of course, keeping all of this information straight can be confusing at times! That’s why All Source Building Service & Supply offers these janitorial services and more.

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