What Does a Dayporter Do?

If you are wondering who you can hire to keep your office clean and your office’s bathroom supplies fully stocked, you might be doing some research on dayporter’s services in St Paul. So what does a dayporter do exactly, and how can dayporter’s services help you run your business?

A dayporter’s main responsibility is to keep your office well maintained and cleaned. When you hire dayporter’s services from All Source, you will get a skilled dayporter who will take care of your office’s day-to-day cleaning needs. He will make sure your office’s floors are vacuumed and swept. He will make sure common areas stay clean and dust-free. He will keep an eye on other tasks too, such as whether or not a wall or another part of your office building needs a fresh coat of paint. Plus, he will keep bathroom supplies fully stocked. So you will not have to worry if the women’s room has paper towels! Hiring our dayporter’s service means someone else will take care of that so you are free to focus on more important things, like running your company.

A dayporter will also take out the trash. And if there is a spill, the dayporter will also take care of cleaning that up. Pretty much anything that relates to cleaning or keeping your office clean is the responsibility of your dayporter.

When you hire All Source for our dayporter’s services, you get a technician that is well trained and up to date on the latest cleaning technology and cleaning products. Our dayporter will keep your office looking great and will keep it clean and sanitary for your customers and employees.

So when you need dayporter’s services in St Paul, call on All Source at 952-473-3228 or you can contact us to Request a Free Estimate.