Thorough Building Cleaning Before Fall

We hate to say it, but summer is rapidly coming to an end. In just about a month, we’ll officially welcome fall. If your office building does not have a professional Minneapolis business cleaning team to routinely service your facility, now is a good time to have it cleaned. Give your building a fresh start before the colder months set in. Some cleaning procedures are easier to complete while the weather is still warm, so schedule an appointment today.

Deep Cleaning

– Floors: All types of flooring material can benefit from a deep clean. Carpets can collect particles, reducing indoor air quality. Hardwood floors can lose their shine over time, and vinyl can get scuffed. A thorough cleaning can get your floors looking like they used to.

– Office: Anyone’s office could probably use a good thorough cleaning. After a period of time, dust starts to collect. Wiping down all the counters and scrubbing the floors can refresh the room and make for a better working environment.

– Bathrooms: The bathrooms are probably one of the most important places in your office to have cleaned. Our team uses industrial strength cleaners to ensure a deep cleaning kills any bacteria. Along with cleaning, we can also restock your bathroom with necessary items.

Exterior Building Cleaning

– Power Washing: Regular power washings are good for your building’s exterior. Power washing removes any build up dirt, allowing color to shine through. You can instantly improve your building’s look by simply washing it.

– Window Washing: All summer long, your windows have had to stand up to pollen and bugs. Our complete window washing services can remove any trapped particles, as well as increase visibility.

Need a good thorough building cleaning before fall? Schedule one today with All Source Building Service and Supply Company by calling 952-473-3228 or Request a Free Estimate.