Take Advantage of Commercial Cleaning to Reduce Allergens and Germs

Your business may appear to be clean, but there may be a silent set of parties with malintent lying below the level of what your eyes can see, allergens and germs. With spring come allergies, with germs come sickness—
both of which can bring absentees to your business. If you do not want to do the cleaning yourself or have it done by members of your staff, consider commercial cleaning with All Source!

In 2012, Kimberly-Clark Professional, manufacturer of brands like Kleenex, Scott, Huggies among others, conducted “one of the most detailed and comprehensive studies conducted on identifying workplace hotspots where germs can lurk.” Some 5,000 swabs were accumulated from several buildings that contained more than 3,000 employees.

Allowing these to serve as a national example, areas with the highest levels of contamination were:
•        Break room sink faucet handles
•        Microwave door handles
•        Keyboards
•        Refrigerator door handles
•        Water fountain buttons
•        Vending machine buttons

Other areas of common high contamination included computer mice, desk phones, office furniture, reception areas, ATMs, stair railings, copy stations, door handles, elevator buttons and conference tables.
What can be done to decrease germs in your office?

Take the following steps to address these problem areas:

•        Identify, understand why problem areas for germs are problem areas—Identify surfaces that endure the largest amounts of human amount. This will allow you and your employees to use higher standards of hygienic excellence to ensure sickness does not spread throughout the business.
•        Wash, wipe, sanitize—One would hope that the era we find ourselves in alone would add up to employees using obvious and uniform sanitation standards. This, as evidence has shown, is not always the case.  Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom, coughing and/or sneezing, handling doorknobs that many people use—any situation that would enhance the chances of germ travel. Wipe clean all surfaces after you have finished using them. Keep a steady supply of hand sanitizer on hand, at your desk as well as other public areas to eliminate germ transmission.
•        Educate and communicate—Inform your employees of the obvious. Educate workers on the power of allergens and germs, how they get passed around. Stress just how serious an issue it is, communicating that the reduction of allergens and germs creates a healthier working environment.
•        Hire a professional—There is the very real possibility that the type of company you own or manage does not allow for the time for individual workers to adopt very high levels of allergen and germ prevention. Should this be the case, consider hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like All Source Building Services & Supply Co. Let us get rid of the allergens and germs while you worry about getting the job done.

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