Reduce the Amount of Dust at Your Commercial Property

Winter is dust accumulation season at your Roseville business. It is unlikely that your brick and mortar is set up to allow you to harness the power of the wind, to open the windows and allow for some level of dust clearance naturally. Thus, it is important that you create a rigorous schedule of dust prevention and removal to keep your air fresh and pure, your showroom or office clean and ready for display. Should you not want to undertake the daunting task of a regular cleaning schedule to add to your mountain of revenue generating tasks, your Roseville business may be an ideal candidate to hire a business cleaning service.

There are several things you can do to reduce dust in your Roseville business (or home, for that matter). Tiny particles of cloth fibers, dirt, paper, spent skin cells and other bits of matter accumulate over time to create a film of filth that can cover everything, lead to allergies and other health problems if not managed properly.

The following tips can greatly reduce the accumulation of dust and fine particulates:

  • Air Purification System-A purifier traps dust particles only in the room it occupies. A multi-room air purifier approach will require one for each room. This can be semi-costly, but should allergies be a concern, a worthy investment.
  • Clean and Upgrade Air Filters-If your building operates under a central air system for cooling and heating, frequently change the filters (one to three times a year) to control dust. Filters focus on larger particles, to capture smaller ones in addition to, opt for a paper or pleated fabric filter.
  • Dusting-the old stand-by, simply remove the dust yourself, or with the outside help of a business cleaning service at your Roseville office, on a regular schedule.
  • Vacuum-it is recommended to vacuum at least twice a week to reduce dust in your home or business. Make sure it is equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air filter to ensure its focus is on dust and not paper clips, thumb tacks, etc. Change the filter frequently—not doing so ensures that dust goes right back into the air.
  • Sweep-break out the broom and dustpan every few days at minimum (on those floors then do not get the vacuum treatment). Focus on areas of heavy traffic such as doorways, halls, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Mop-After sweeping, mopping will help get any dust missed in the effort as well as loose accumulated particulate grime.
  • Microfiber cloths-these items are designed with dust trapping in mind. Use on virtually all surfaces within business or home. Once done, these items may be washed and reused—do not use a dryer sheet or fabric softener at any point in this process—they tend to remove dust-trapping capability from the microfiber cloth.
  • Beat Rugs, Cushions-do this once monthly. Be sure to do this outside. Use a broom or similar until you no longer see particles leaving the item.
  • Clear Clutter-loose your office of unnecessary accumulations of knick-knacks, magazines and books. These items acquire and hang on to dust.

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