Preparing Your Commercial Property’s Trees for Winter

With winter right around the corner, maybe you’ve already discussed winter tree care with your landscaping service. If you haven’t, you should give us a call because one of the many services our commercial cleaning company offers St Louis Park business owners is arborist services. Here are a few of our favorite tips on how to make sure your trees are ready for winter’s upcoming chill.

You should make sure your trees, especially ones with thinner bark or ones that have just been planted, are protected from sun scald. This also affects trees whose bottom branches were recently pruned or trees that were transplanted from a shady spot to a sunny one. Wrap the trees’ trunks with some type of commercial tree wrap or plastic tree guard: any light-colored material will do. The material should reflect the sun off of the tree and help to keep the bark at a more constant temperature. The wraps should be placed on your trees sometime during the fall months and taken off in the spring after the last frost.

The winter months can also cause problems for evergreen trees, like when the foliage turns brown or looks like it has been bleached. This can be caused by the winter sun and wind, especially during bright sunny days when it is still cold outside. You can take pine boughs (or a left-over Christmas tree) and prop them up against or over your evergreens to protect them from the winter sun and wind. The boughs will also catch any snow that falls, and that will also offer them more protection.

Make sure your evergreens have plenty of water, especially during the crucial growing season and into the fall months. However, you should be sure not to over-water them either. You can also build a barrier out of burlap or a similar material and make sure the barrier goes around the south, southwest and windward sides of your evergreen trees. If the evergreens have a substantial amount of damage on all sides, the burlap barrier should go around the entire tree.

Of course, this is a lot of work depending on how many trees you have on your commercial property. You should call our professional commercial cleaning company and we can handle this and more for you!

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