New Year, New Business Cleaning Habits

It’s time once again for New Year’s Resolutions! Instead of only making resolutions in your personal life – why not have some business resolutions this year? One simple resolution to make is to keep up with business cleaning in the Twin Cities area. The easiest way to succeed in this resolution is to hire All Source for all your business cleaning needs, however, here are some tips from the experts on how to personally achieve better business cleaning habits!

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Stop Messes Before They Start

One of the best ways to keep messes from getting out of hand is to clean as you go. Notice papers piling up? File them away properly as you go! Notice a spill? Wipe it up before it dries or becomes sticky. While getting in the habit of cleaning as you go may seem annoying at first, it will save everyone time and leave things nicer in the long run. Plus, a habit of putting things away can help you keep things tidy in your personal life too!

Properly Dispose of Food

In an office space, one of the worst things to have to clean up is food that wasn’t disposed of properly. Whether leftovers were left in the fridge until they went bad or plates with food remnants were tossed in the sink and not rinsed – leaving food to sit and spoil makes a bad atmosphere for everyone. By cleaning up food properly – discard food into proper trash receptacles, rinse plates, put everything away – you create a cleaner, happier environment for everyone else around you. No more smelling rotting food every day when you just want to heat up your lunch.

Keep Entrances Clean

Do you sweep at the entrance of your building? Or wash away de-icers or mud that has accumulated? How long has it been since any rugs or mats were washed? All of these things can contribute further to mess inside your building. As employees and customers alike walk through pollen, de-icers, mud and more, it gets stuck to their shoes to be left anywhere they walk throughout the building. While it is impossible to guarantee that no dirt ever comes inside, regularly cleaning the entrances can help minimize how much dirt is brought inside.

Hire a Professional

If this sounds like too much to keep up with on top of your normal job duties, you aren’t alone. That’s why we at All Source are proud to offer business cleaning services to the whole Twin Cities area! You can simply check off your New Year’s Resolution of keeping your business clean by giving us a call today to schedule your regular cleaning services!

Do you have questions about how to implement new business cleaning habits in the Twin Cities area? Call All Source at 952-473-3228 or you can request a free estimate.