Minneapolis Office Cleaning




Are you seeking the services of a professional Minneapolis office cleaning company (our services)? Then look no further than All Source Building Services and Supply Company. Our experienced staff can do it all. We can clean your office building from head to toe for overall sanitation. We can focus on high traffic areas, as well as clean those hard to reach places. Let’s get started today.

Office Cleaning in Minneapolis

A clean office building can impress employees, clients and potential clients. It has a big impact on the way your facility is perceived. We’ll go the extra mile in maintaining your building. We can set up a cleaning schedule with you and come in daily, weekly or a few times a month. We are also available on a project-by-project basis.

Why Outsource Your Office Cleaning?

Are you still on the fence about hiring a professional office cleaning company? There are many benefits to having a professionally cleaning company. Here are five reasons to opt for a trained team:

  • Thorough cleanings for maximum sanitation.
  • Professional strength cleaning products get your office even cleaner.
  • Routine cleaning schedule will ensure a clean office at all times.
  • Delivery of office supplies, so you’re never out of essential items.
  • More free time for you!

Are you in need of a professional office cleaning company?
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