Keeping Your Office Clean this Winter

Winter can be a lovely time of year with the white snow and austere beauty of the bare trees and landscape. But sometimes the winter can also wreak havoc on commercial properties and businesses, so it is important to stay on top of office cleaning at your Bloomington business. Here are a few of our favorite tips and suggestions on which office cleaning chores you or your office cleaning service should stay on top of this winter and throughout the rest of the year.

  • If you don’t have them already, use floor mats for any doors that lead to the outside. Floor mats will capture a lot of dirt, salt and other debris off of people’s feet before they track all of it farther into your office and onto the carpets and hard surface flooring. This makes office cleaning just a bit easier on you if you handle these tasks yourself. If you have a professional office cleaning service, it will make their jobs easier as well.
  • Make sure any gutters or draining systems on your building’s roof is working properly and not clogged with leaves and other debris. It might be cold outside, but make sure you do not neglect the exterior of your commercial property. If your gutters back up, it could cause other problems like a leaky roof.
  • An office cleaning service like ours can come to your office on a daily basis (if you want), and one of the many cleaning services we can provide is making sure everything is fully disinfected. This is especially important this time of year during flu season. It could help keep you, your employees and your clients healthy.
  • Do not neglect your building’s windows! This is one of the many office cleaning services we provide. Clean windows allow more sunlight to come into your office, and natural light can help increase your employees’ productivity. Not only that, sunlight is also a great way to help dry up any damp floors or carpeting, which means your carpets and floor could be in better shape come spring time. Clean windows also make your office more attractive to current and potential clients.

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