Keeping Your Office Clean & Organized

For many professionals, a messy, disorganized office is one of the biggest obstacles to being able to work smart and efficiently. It can be a burden when you’re unable to find necessary documents or supplies, not to mention the time it takes to switch from task to task. All of these factors can cause you to accomplish less over the work day, so it’s important that your office remains organized.

As a Minneapolis office cleaning company, All Source Inc. has learned a few tips over the years on how to keep an office clean and efficient, and here are a few tips on how to make your workspace the best it can be:

Clean desks

Employees who haven’t seen the surface of their desk in quite some time may find it to be a soothing experience, and give them the motivation necessary to continue on with their work and upcoming projects.

Make sure everything has its place

How many times have you or someone in your office has stressed over a document, causing tardiness to a meeting or appointment? By putting everything in a designated location, this can be avoided.


Purging is getting rid of what isn’t needed or wanted. If there is an item that hasn’t been used in six months time, then consider donating it. If it doesn’t work it, throw it away or recycle it. Once the purge is complete, you can put your focus on what’s left.

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