How We are Combatting COVID-19

With the heightened awareness of the Coronavirus, All Source is taking extra steps to make sure our clients’ businesses are properly disinfected and that our staff and the staff at the businesses we serve stay healthy and safe.

Disinfecting Surfaces

Here are some of the extra steps we are taking during this time:

  • We are utilizing Betco Quat Stat 5 as our choice for disinfecting. Quat Stat 5 is a hospital disinfectant with just 5 minutes contact time.
  • We have enhanced nightly janitorial services with both the disinfecting product as well as a heightened awareness of high-touch surfaces.
  • We are focusing on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, handrails, restrooms, conference rooms, drinking fountains, light switches, coffee stations, lunchrooms, service areas, copy machines, etc.

Additional Staff Training:

  • Staff have been trained to enter a room, stop and identify high-touch surfaces.
  • Staff have been trained on the mixing and use of the Quat Stat 5 disinfectant.
  • Staff will only use designated colored rags (red) for disinfecting.
  • Staff have been instructed on Personal Protective Equipment.

Services & Options

  • Our service areas and frequency are currently the same as stated in our contracts.
  • We can add additional hours at night designated for disinfecting at your contract rate.
  • We can also add a daytime porter for the same type of services; however, it may be a little more disruptive as the disinfectant has a 5-minute dwell time, and we try to leave surfaces slightly damp instead of wiping them completely dry.

If you have any questions on your current services or if you are interested in adding our cleaning services for your facility, feel free to give us a call at 952-473-3228 or contact us.