How to Care for the Trees on Your Commercial Property

First impressions are incredibly important, especially in today’s business world. Is your commercial property making a good first impression on potential clients and employees? Does your property’s landscaping look nice? Are the trees and shrubs well kept and maintained? All Source offers commercial cleaning services in Plymouth MN and the surrounding areas, and one of the many property maintenance services we offer is tree care. Here are a few of our favorite tips on how to make sure the trees on your commercial property look great this spring.

First, go outside and take a close look at your trees and look for any signs of diseases or damage. Damage should be pretty obvious, but if you are unsure of what to look for when it comes to tree disease, call our commercial cleaning services. We offer arborist services, so we can send a professional to your property if you suspect any disease problems.

Then you should get some mulch and make sure the base of each tree has a fresh layer of mulch. You should first rake away any leaves or other debris that has gathered around the trunks during the winter and early spring months. Then dig a few inches down into the topsoil and replace with a top layer of mulch to the base of the trees but be sure to keep the mulch layer only a couple of inches thick.

If your commercial property has an irrigation system, now is a great time to get it looked at and serviced if need be. If you have already had a spring start-up done, turn on the irrigation system and look for signs of problems, like water pooling around your trees or other plants. Also, check with a tree professional to make sure your trees are getting the correct amount of water. The amount they need will depend on the type of tree they are – some trees and plants are more prone to fungal problems than others. The professionals at our commercial cleaning service know how to properly care for your trees so they do not develop fungal issues.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful, but if you still are unsure of what you’re doing, contact us. We can sign you up for our arborist services and any other commercial cleaning services you might need.

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