Fall Cleaning Tips from Office Cleaning Professionals

As fall begins once again, it’s time for change. Changing colors in leaves, changing around our closets to feature warmer clothes for colder weather, and changing our office cleaning habits! While many only associate deep cleaning with spring, fall is the perfect time to complete another round of deep cleaning to make sure your offices shine and impress potential customers.

We specialize in office cleaning services for Minnetonka and the surrounding areas. This fall, we’ve consolidated a list of cleaning tips from our professionals.

1. Purge and Declutter the Office

Each season, create more space in your office with purging and decluttering. If items don’t work or won’t be used – get rid of them. If they can be donated or recycled, even better! Once everything you can not or will not use is out of the way, focus on cutting the clutter. Cluttered offices can leave more spots for dust and dirt to become trapped, leaving your employees extra sneezy.

2. Spot Clean Furniture

If you have noticed any stains on furniture that you’ve been meaning to take care of, now is the time! While spots are easier to treat if you do so right away, you can still take the time to use your favorite cleaning product or hack to try to scrub out those stains.

3. Clean Light Fixtures, Thoroughly

Light fixtures can easily be overlooked when performing your own office cleaning, but they are a hotspot for dust and bugs. Each season at minimum you should ensure that they are being thoroughly cleaned to best protect the health of your customers and employees.

4. Clean Computers

While you are already in a cleaning kick, take a look at your computers! Chances are your screens, keyboards and mouses have some dust and dirt built up. These can be easily cleaned by following our guide to cleaning office equipment!

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5. Clean Carpets

If your office has carpets, they are probably long overdue for a thorough cleaning. With employees and customers tracking in dirt from their shoes every day, carpets can house a lot of dirt. We recommend having full carpet maintenance performed, or at minimum using your best carpet cleaner to get out what dirt you can.

6. Wash Walls

For offices with painted or wood paneled walls, seasonal cleaning is a great time to wash your walls as well. Employees and customers may lean against or slide their hands against walls while walking along, which can cause dirt to get stuck to them.

7. Wash Windows

Additionally, fall is a great time for a full window washing service! We highly recommend hiring a professional for this step, as washing the outside of second-story or higher windows can be dangerous without the proper equipment and training.

8. Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

This list may sound like a lot to complete on top of your normal tasks at work, but don’t worry! The professionals at All Source can take care of most of your seasonal checklist for you, without you having to lift a finger. Let us manage your seasonal office cleaning checklist.

If you need office cleaning services in Minnetonka or the surrounding area, call All Source! You can request a free estimate or call us at 952-473-3228.