Do You Need a New Office Cleaning Service?

There are several reasons you might need to hire a new office cleaning service in Minnetonka. If your current cleaning service is making you unhappy and are consistently doing sub-par work, you should probably consider switching to a new service. But what are some signs that you need a new office cleaner?

For one thing, ask yourself if your office cleaning company is meeting your office’s cleaning standards. Is the office always still a mess even after the cleaning service comes through? Are you noticing that smaller cleaning details are being ignored? Are your countertops still dirty or dusty, and do your floors need some TLC?

Does the office cleaning service treat its employees properly? You might not be around that much when the cleaners come through, but if you are, try to observe how the superiors treat their workers. If there are unhappy employees, that could mean they don’t do as good of a job cleaning your office as they should. Unhappy employees sometimes translate to bad workers.

When you have any complaints about the office cleaning process, does the company take your complaints seriously? How do they respond to your complaints, and how do they make sure you are happy with the resolution? And what avenues do you have to voice your complaints? Can you call them directly or submit a complaint form on their website? If the office cleaning service doesn’t take your complaints seriously or if they don’t do anything to resolve them, then this is a good sign you need to look into hiring a new cleaning company.

How is their cleaning consistency? Do they always clean your office properly, or are you noticing it only gets cleaned well some of the time? And, again, what do they do if you complain about the office cleaning service?

We know what a hassle it can be to hire a new office cleaning service, which is why we recommend you contact us. You will never have to worry about shoddy or substandard cleaning when you hire All Source Building Services & Supply Co. as your office cleaning service. Our highest priority is making sure you are satisfied with the office cleaning services we provide to you.

So when you need a new office cleaning service in Minnetonka, call All Source Building Services & Supply Co. at 952-473-3228 or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.