Commercial Janitorial Services Protect Against Seasonal Allergies

Spring is almost over, and summer is right around the corner, so you may be one of many excited to receive a break from seasonal allergies this year. However, seasonal allergies are only beginning for some. While February through May is considered the worst time of year for seasonal allergies, that only accounts for those of us allergic to tree pollens. In May or June, you or your neighbors are probably just breaking out your lawn mower again, meaning that it’s the season of grass allergies. Then July begins weed pollen allergies, which typically peak in September.

Spring through fall consist of different allergy seasons depending on the person, so while this year many of us experienced awful allergies early on with the record levels of pollen from trees, some of us are just coming up on their allergy season.

If you own a business, are you prepared to help your employees stay healthy and productive by protecting them from their allergies?

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One of the best ways to prevent severe allergy symptoms is to dust and vacuum often. While this is normally applied within the home, it is equally important at work. As people walk into the office or building for the day, they track in any of the pollen they’ve interacted with since they left their house – leaving those of us with allergies sniffling and sneezing all day long.

Staying on top of your dusting and vacuuming can keep you and your employees feeling better and more productive. However, if you are experiencing staffing shortages or workplace booms where you and your employees just don’t have the time to complete the regular cleaning as well, then what are you supposed to do?

The answer is simple: Call All Source for your commercial janitorial services in Minneapolis.

Our professional staff will come to your business as frequently or infrequently as you would prefer. We can focus on whatever cleaning tasks you need done, keep your supplies stocked or whatever else you need us to do. We are available 24/7 to help you with your cleaning, even in emergency situations.

We tailor our cleaning service to the needs of your business or building. So, have us come in weekly or monthly; clean just the bathrooms or the entire office; restock toilet paper or lunchroom supplies; whatever it is that you need to keep your business running and your employees feeling healthy and happy in a clean environment.

If you need commercial janitorial services in Minneapolis or the surrounding area, call All Source! You can request a free estimate or call us at 952-473-3228.