Combat Germs in the Office by Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Flu season is quickly approaching so now is the time to arm your office to fight against the spread of germs. And, one of the most powerful tools you can have is a commercial cleaning company on your side. We can make sure your office is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. After all, even though your business may appear to be clean, there may be a multitude of germs lying below the surface level.

commercial cleaning company

With winter brings more time spent indoors and a higher risk for the spread of disease. At All Source, we make it our top priority to keep your office as clean as it should be in every season. We are the trusted commercial cleaning company for Burnsville and the surrounding areas and are here to tell you more about the importance of a thoroughly cleaned office.

Some of the areas within an office that typically have some of the highest levels of contamination include:

  • Keyboards
  • Refrigerator door handles
  • Water fountain buttons
  • Break room sink faucet handles
  • Microwave door handles
  • Vending machine buttons

And, these are just some of the areas you should be guarding against germs. Are you doing everything you can to keep these surfaces clean? If you hire our commercial cleaning company, we will cover these key areas and much more.

When you hire our professional commercial cleaning company, you get a team of experts cleaners who know exactly what areas to tackle. Allow us get rid of the allergens and germs while you worry about getting the job done. Having us handle the cleaning means you have more time to worry about your business and less people out for sick days. In short, a commercial cleaning company can save you time and money in the long run.

You can also do what you can to keep surfaces cleaned and sanitary in between professional cleanings. One would hope that employees adhere to high standards of sanitation. However, this is not always the case. It is essential to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom, coughing and/or sneezing, handling doorknobs that many people use; any situation that would enhance the chances of germ travel. And, wipe clean all surfaces after you have finished using them.

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