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Janitorial Services vs. Janitorial Supplies in Maple Grove

If you’re any normal business owner, cleaning the office is probably not on your list of favorites. Even lower on the list for those who have to carry out the cleaning! Maybe right now you’re on a rotating schedule, or maybe you often get tasked with it. Remove this responsibility from those in your office, by hiring All Source Building Services and Supply Company to do it for you. As your local Maple Grove janitorial services company, we can handle everything you need. You may be deciding between janitorial supplies and full janitorial services, so in the blog we discuss the advantages to each service.

Janitorial Supplies

Having janitorial supplies delivered to your office on a regular basis will probably save you time and money. No more going to the store and picking up the necessities to clean your office. Never worry about running out of toilet paper again! If you have a large office, it may also be beneficial to have the large quantity of janitorial supplies delivered to your front door. Some of the most popular janitorial supplies we provide include:

  • Paper towels
  • Soaps
  • Trash liners
  • Toilet paper
  • Lunchroom supplies
  • And more!

Janitorial Services

For those who have a business in Maple Grove, janitorial services may be the way to go. We can provide you with full janitorial services and more. Don’t have your office staff clean up anymore. Let them focus on what needs to be done for your business and leave the cleaning to us. It’s kind of our thing. We can clean your office daily, weekly, monthly or as needed. Whatever your needs are, we’ll devise a plan to get you back to the work you’re paid to do.

Get started with our Maple Grove janitorial services today by calling 952-473-3228 or Request a Free Estimate.

Roseville Office Cleaning Services During Allergy Season

It’s getting to be that time of year again! Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, sending you into a sneezing frenzy. Allergy season can be worse for some of us than others. It’s especially hard to keep focused at work, if your allergies. For those who have a business in Roseville, office cleaning can lower the amount of allergens floating around the air. Get your office cleaned regularly by a professional office cleaning company to keep those allergens out of your office all season long!

Window Cleaning

Windows are a popular place for pollen to collect. If you have ability to open and close the windows in your commercial building, there is a chance you’re letting pollen creep inside. Pollen can also stay on your windows even after allergy season is over. To prevent this from happening, have your windows cleaned regularly by a professional Roseville office cleaning company, like All Source Building Services and Supply Company.


If you have a busy office, with lots of foot-traffic it is possible to drag in contaminants from the outdoors. Also, if your business has a well-traveled lobby, with doors frequently opening and closing, you are even more likely to see particles strewn about. Having your floors cleaned regularly by an experienced Roseville office cleaning company can rid your office of lingering particles trapped in your carpet or off of your hard floors. Reducing these particles can cut down on allergic reactions.

General Cleaning

Having a regular office cleaning program can improve sanitation and air quality. If people have pollen or other allergens on their clothing when they come into the office, it is bound to end up wherever they are. It can end up in chairs, on desks and all over the office. Having a Roseville office cleaning services perform regular cleanings can minimize the effects on those who have allergies.

To reduce allergens in your office, call us today 651-405-9276.

Spring Office Cleaning in Maple Grove MN

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. This can be true for your office, as well. You may be ready to have the grunge of the winter wiped away or maybe you’re completing a remodeling project. Whatever the case, you should get in touch with a Maple Grove office cleaning company. They will be able to help you get that fresh, spring feeling into your office.

Power Washing

Power washing can easily be completed by a professional office cleaning company. Your office building may need power washed after the winter, especially if you are located right on a well-traveled road. Cleaning off the exterior of your office can provide you with a better image to the public. Power washing can remove dirt, mold, and mildew which can cause rot and decay. Hiring a Maple Grove office cleaning company will ensure the proper equipment is used and the project is completed in a timely fashion.

Window Washing

Having your office’s windows washed can allow more of that gorgeous spring sun to shine through. A professional Maple Grove office cleaning company, like All Source Building Services and Supply Company, is happy to make your windows shine. Cleaning your windows will help by removing any dirt on the windows, making them more energy efficient. Also, cleaning out any dirt from in the sill will help your windows to seal more efficiently. Regular window washings also help to remove anything trapped on the glass from weakening it.

Construction/ Moving

If you are having construction done or if you are moving offices, we can help with the before and after clean up. If you’re moving offices, you may be cleaning out a lot of unwanted materials. You might not be able to take everything with you, or you just don’t need it anymore. A local Maple Grove office cleaning company is able to remove the unwanted materials. Also, if you’re having a construction or remodeling project completed in your office, we are able to help you clean up before and after. If you’re giving your office a fresh new look, don’t worry about having to remove excess trash.

If you’re ready to start your office spring cleaning, call us today at 651-405-9276 or fill out our online form for a Free Quote.

Trustworthy Office Cleaning Company in Brooklyn Park MN

With so many options in Brooklyn Park, it can be hard to know which Brooklyn Park office cleaning company to choose. One of the most important qualities when making such a valuable decision is the trustworthiness of the company.

Importance of Licenses and Bonds

Make sure the office cleaning company you choose in Brooklyn Park is licensed and bonded. If they are licensed in their field, you know they have completed all the required education and training for their profession. This will also help ensure that they are up-to-date on industry trends and they know all the regulations required to accurately perform their job. Being bonded means a company has money set aside to settle any claims filed against the company. This can give you, the customer, a sense of security in knowing that you have a safeguard against poor workmanship, theft and any other hazards.

As a potential client, you should seek out documented proof of their licenses and bond. Keeping your office clean is important to the functionality of your business and choosing the right office cleaning company is a big decision. Don’t settle for any guy with a broom. Do your research and make sure you are hiring business professionals who are trained and trustworthy.

How We Stack Up

At All Source Building Services & Supply Co., we only employ the finest people. We add people to our office cleaning company team who meet our rigorous standards. All of our employees are:

  • Licensed professionals
  • Trained in accordance with the latest industry trends
  • Highly referred
  • Background checked
  • Experienced in the profession

We offer Free Estimates for all of our services. Call us today to hire the finest office cleaning company in Brooklyn Park!

Office Cleaning Tips

It can be tough keeping an office clean until your commercial cleaning company arrives to take care of the next cleaning. Luckily, there are a number of small things you can do that will make all the difference.

A place for everything

It’s important that everything be kept organized in your office. Drawers, racks, shelves and other designated places can make all the difference when trying to look for important documents. Having everything properly organized will make a world of difference in keeping your office clean.


Is your operation filled with paper, books, files and other things that you don’t need anymore? Get rid of anything that is no longer necessary. You’ll have more space, and have divested yourself of unnecessary items.

Germ prevention

You can prevent the spread of germs with just a few simple steps. The first is to clean your electronics, especially if you eat at your desk. This is a simple fix that can be done just by wiping down your keyword and monitor daily with specially-made wipes.

You should also keep Handi-Wipes readily available, just in case any unforeseen circumstances happen, like spills. Another thing to do is to use a computer brush to get rid of all crumbs in your keyboard, and to wash out dirty mugs and other dishware.

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