All Source Has A New Video!

We want to share a new video we just uploaded and touch upon one of the facts mentioned in it.

Did you know that the cleanliness of a work environment can directly affect employee retention? It’s true! A clean and healthy work environment leads to happy workers. Clean work environments lead to an increase in employee productivity and creativity. Plus, if a work environment is clean, that leads to healthier employees, which means they take less time off because they are sick or in poor health. Many people are allergic to dust, so making sure their work environment is as dust-free as possible could lead to fewer days off of work for them or an increase in productivity because employees are at work and not having to worry about their allergies.

Plus, many potential employees will look at the cleanliness of a work environment when they come in for an interview. If you’re a business owner or manager who is looking to hire and retain the best talent, then the cleanliness of the work environment you are offering is something you definitely want to consider.

Not to mention: customers or clients! If you regularly have clients come into your office for meetings or presentations (or for other reasons), don’t you want your business to put its best foot forward? Remember, there is never a second chance to make a good first impression. So if you’re trying to impress a potential customer or keep the ones you have, you will want your business to look its best. Think about it. If you go into a restaurant, an office or anywhere else and it’s dirty and cluttered, what does that say to you about the value of the company and its services?

So when you’re ready to get your business cleaned by professionals, call All Source at 952-473-3228 or contact us for a Free Estimate on our cleaning services.