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Tis the Season … For the Flu

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When winter rolls around, we all know the weather is going to turn brutally cold and snow is on the horizon. But it’s also that time of year for the flu to go around. As a company providing janitorial services in Bloomington, we do what we can to help prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses. Here are a few steps we take to help you and your employees stay healthy this season.

Cleaning Dwell Times

Cleaning dwell times are the amount of time a disinfectant needs to saturate a surface so it can kill bacteria and other microorganisms that cause the flu and other illnesses. When you hire our janitorial services, you can rest easy knowing all of our technicians are aware of how long each cleaning product should stay on a surface for maximum bacteria-killing efficiency.

Touch Points

Touch points are surfaces that are often in contact with people’s hands. Some examples of touch points include doorknobs and light switches. We are always careful to wipe down these surfaces, and this can help deter the spread of viruses like the flu. Our janitorial services are quite detailed when it comes to cleaning all surfaces, but we pay close attention to touch points during flu season.

Hand Washing Supplies

Janitorial services, like restocking consumable supplies, can help ward off the flu. Plenty of antibacterial soap and disposable paper towels mean that people can keep their hands clean. And clean hands mean they are less likely to spread the flu and other viruses. Disposable paper towels also help prevent the spread of sicknesses since they are only used one time and then thrown away.

Do you need more information about our janitorial services in Bloomington? Call All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228 or Contact Us.

What Does a Dayporter Do?

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If you are wondering who you can hire to keep your office clean and your office’s bathroom supplies fully stocked, you might be doing some research on dayporter’s services in St Paul. So what does a dayporter do exactly, and how can dayporter’s services help you run your business?

A dayporter’s main responsibility is to keep your office well maintained and cleaned. When you hire dayporter’s services from All Source, you will get a skilled dayporter who will take care of your office’s day-to-day cleaning needs. He will make sure your office’s floors are vacuumed and swept. He will make sure common areas stay clean and dust-free. He will keep an eye on other tasks too, such as whether or not a wall or another part of your office building needs a fresh coat of paint. Plus, he will keep bathroom supplies fully stocked. So you will not have to worry if the women’s room has paper towels! Hiring our dayporter’s service means someone else will take care of that so you are free to focus on more important things, like running your company.

A dayporter will also take out the trash. And if there is a spill, the dayporter will also take care of cleaning that up. Pretty much anything that relates to cleaning or keeping your office clean is the responsibility of your dayporter.

When you hire All Source for our dayporter’s services, you get a technician that is well trained and up to date on the latest cleaning technology and cleaning products. Our dayporter will keep your office looking great and will keep it clean and sanitary for your customers and employees.

So when you need dayporter’s services in St Paul, call on All Source at 952-473-3228 or you can contact us to Request a Free Estimate.

Window Washing and Hard Surface Floor Cleaning: Tips from the Pros

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You’re a busy business owner, so you probably don’t have a lot of time to give to tasks like cleaning windows and floors. Which is why All Source Building Service & Supply is here. We take care of these cleaning tasks so you don’t have to worry about them. We are a full window washing service in Minneapolis and a hard surface floor care service in Minneapolis too. We also offer a variety of other cleaning and maintenance services, so we thought we would offer our readers a few of our favorite cleaning tips.

Window Washing

You might think that elbow grease, water, a ton of cleaning chemicals and a soft cloth are all you need to clean windows. But in reality, you need a squeegee, a bucket, warm water and a little bit of dishwashing soap. When you scrub windows with a cloth or even with newspaper, you are giving it a static charge. And that just attracts more dirt and dust to the windows, which totally negates all of the work you just did! As a full window washing service, we have learned a few tricks along the way. And the best one we can pass along is to use as little soap as possible on your windows. After each pass over the window with your squeegee, make sure you wipe it with a cloth diaper or old linen napkin.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard surface floors need some regular TLC in order to keep them looking their best. Never use an oil-based cleaning product. Wax, furniture polish, ammonia-based or abrasive cleaners should never be used either. To keep them clean, just use a soft cloth or mop. Also, laying down a mat in front of the door leading into the room can also be a big help in keeping them clean. As a hard surface floor care service, we can keep your hard surface floors nice and clean so your business always looks its best.

Of course, keeping all of this information straight can be confusing at times! That’s why All Source Building Service & Supply offers these janitorial services and more.

For more information on our full window washing service in Minneapolis and our hard surface floor care service in Minneapolis, call us at 952-473-3228 or get a Free Estimate.

Power Washing + Painting = Better Looking Results

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Power washing in Minnetonka and painting in Minnetonka are just two of the many office cleaning solutions we provide to our clients. We are often asked if power washing before painting is necessary and the answer to that question is a resounding yes. While we do offer these two services separately, when it comes to painting the exterior of a building, power washing is an important step in the painting process.

You can paint the exterior of a building without power washing, but there is a simple reason this is a bad idea. The paint job will not last. Sure, it will go on smoothly and look great at first, but over time, the paint will wear off and the life span of your painting job will be shortened. Take our word for it, this is a very crucial step to long-lasting, vibrant paint.

Power washing is a great way to get rid of all of the dirt and grime that gets onto the exterior of a building. Because buildings are (obviously!) out in the elements all day and night, dirt and grime are natural consequences. But when the building’s exterior is power washed before painting, this means there is nothing to keep the paint from sticking to the walls and staying there. Taking the extra time to power wash before painting could mean you will not have to worry about getting another painting job done for awhile. Plus, power washing helps get rid of loose paint too, which is less paint that will have to be scraped off before the painting job begins!

For more information on power washing in Minnetonka and painting in Minnetonka, call All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

Carpet Maintenance: How We Do What We Do

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When it comes to carpet maintenance, we here at All Source Building Services and Supply Company are some of the best in the area. But what do we do when we come to your office or commercial building to clean and maintain your carpets?

The first thing we do is take a look at your carpets and assess what they need. Do they just need to be vacuumed or do they need a deeper carpeting cleaning? Is this just a one-time job or did you hire us for regular carpet maintenance services? If it is just a one-time job, we will more than likely steam clean them. If this is a routine job, we will steam clean them first and then keep them up with regular vacuuming and more steam cleaning as needed.

We can steam clean your carpeting if need be, and we can also take care of any spots or stains that might be on your carpets. Carpets do get a lot of wear and tear thanks to everyday foot traffic, so carpet maintenance is one of the best ways you can make sure your office or commercial building always looks its best for your clients and employees. We will vacuum it regularly too. This also helps to deodorize the carpeting to make sure the office smells its best as well.

We use state of the art cleaning technology, and everyone we hire is trained in how to provide our clients with the best carpet maintenance services possible. Plus, this type of service can help improve your employees’ health because it removes dirt and other debris from the air and improves the overall indoor air quality. You will definitely notice a difference in your carpet’s cleanliness and in your office’s air quality after we are done!

For more information on our carpet maintenance services, call All Source Building Services and Supply Company at 952-473-3228 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

What Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Do?

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Hiring a commercial cleaning company in MN can be a confusing and tricky process sometimes. Before you go about it, it’s best to know what to expect from a commercial cleaning company like All Source Building Services and Supply Co.

The first thing to look at is the commercial cleaning company’s workers. Have they been properly trained? Do they know how to clean a window so there are no streaks, how to vacuum a carpet and mop or sweep a floor? Do they know how to safely sanitize surfaces in the office, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen? All of All Source’s employees are fully trained in how to properly clean and sanitize an office.

Also, does the commercial cleaning company have insurance and is it bonded and licensed? Do they have any testimonials or referrals they can give you, or is there any way you can speak to current or former clients to make sure the company is trustworthy and reliable? When the commercial cleaning company hires new employees, what is the hiring process like? For example, all of All Source’s employees have to pass a background check and drug screen before we hire them, and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Does the commercial cleaning company restock the bathroom’s supplies, like paper towels and toilet paper? Making sure you know exactly what the company will take care of is a must. You don’t want any surprises or disagreements about what will be cleaned and restocked. All Source offers this as one of its many services.

Also, you should be sure you know exactly how often the commercial cleaning company will come to clean. Once a week? Every day? Once a month? All Source will work with you to figure out the best schedule for your cleaning needs.

When you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company in MN, call All Source Building Services and Supply Co. at 952-473-3228 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

All Source Has A New Video!

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We want to share a new video we just uploaded and touch upon one of the facts mentioned in it.

Did you know that the cleanliness of a work environment can directly affect employee retention? It’s true! A clean and healthy work environment leads to happy workers. Clean work environments lead to an increase in employee productivity and creativity. Plus, if a work environment is clean, that leads to healthier employees, which means they take less time off because they are sick or in poor health. Many people are allergic to dust, so making sure their work environment is as dust-free as possible could lead to fewer days off of work for them or an increase in productivity because employees are at work and not having to worry about their allergies.

Plus, many potential employees will look at the cleanliness of a work environment when they come in for an interview. If you’re a business owner or manager who is looking to hire and retain the best talent, then the cleanliness of the work environment you are offering is something you definitely want to consider.

Not to mention: customers or clients! If you regularly have clients come into your office for meetings or presentations (or for other reasons), don’t you want your business to put its best foot forward? Remember, there is never a second chance to make a good first impression. So if you’re trying to impress a potential customer or keep the ones you have, you will want your business to look its best. Think about it. If you go into a restaurant, an office or anywhere else and it’s dirty and cluttered, what does that say to you about the value of the company and its services?

So when you’re ready to get your business cleaned by professionals, call All Source at 952-473-3228 or contact us for a Free Estimate on our cleaning services.

Winter Causes Need for Extra Building Services in Minnetonka

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This winter has been abnormally harsh. Building services companies have been doing double duty to keep up with all the residuals of relentless snow and ice. For businesses in communities around the Twin Cities, like Minnetonka, building services requests may have increased over the past few months, with no sign of stopping! We’re used to toughing it out, but the winter of 2014 has knocked us Minnesotans for a loop. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the top reasons we visit Minnetonka to provide building services.

Cold & Flu Season

Along with seemingly endless precipitation, cold and flu season is in full swing. If you have been able to dodge it so far this year, count yourself lucky. Offices are the perfect place to share germs. During the winter the windows are shut, and people are in close proximity for long periods of time. Building services can help reduce the probability of sharing your flu virus with cubical C. By providing regular, routing cleaning services to Minnetonka offices we kill the germs before they’re able to spread.

Winter Grime

All the snow, ice and salt that has been tracked into buildings around Minnetonka, leaves them looking dingy. Places like foyers, elevators and cafeterias get the brunt of the mess. Anywhere that has high foot traffic, could probably be cleaned every day and then some! No business owner wants a dirty facility, but what are you to do when the weather’s been this crummy? An increase in business services is the answer. We’ve been mopping up facilities all winter. They can proudly still have clients and potential clients into their building, without worrying about how it looks.

Does your Minnetonka facility need some extra building services this winter? Let’s talk. Contact us today calling 952-473-3228 or Contact us Online.

What Do St Paul Office Cleaning Companies Do?

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When you hire an office cleaning company in St Paul, what sort of services can you expect? And how frequently will the office cleaning company come to your St Paul office? All Source can answer these questions and more. We’re one of the best at office cleaning; St Paul business owners know they can hire us to come out on a regular basis or for a one-time cleaning.

An office cleaning company will take care of the basics: dusting, vacuuming, stripping and waxing hard floors, cleaning the bathroom(s), etc. Some office cleaning companies in St Paul will also go above and beyond those services and will offer power washing and interior and exterior window washing. All Source is one of them! A good office cleaning company will take the time to answer any questions you have and address any concerns. They should also be able to answer questions about the cleaning chemicals they use.

All Source has pretty strict hiring standards too. We drug screen every person we hire, and we make sure every employee undergoes a background check. We want to make sure our office cleaning staff is the best of the best and trustworthy as well! We know how much you value your employees and your office space, and we treat your office as if it were our own. We’re also licensed and bonded, which is another thing you should look for when hiring a St Paul office cleaning company. If the office cleaning company you are thinking about hiring isn’t licensed or bonded, you should take your business elsewhere.

Plus, a company like All Source will come as frequently (or infrequently!) as you need. We can come in on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or we can come in for a one-time cleaning. The choice is totally up to you.

When you’re ready to hire an office cleaning company for your St Paul business, just give us a call (952) 473-3228 or request a free estimate online.

All Source Stands out as a Commercial Cleaning Company in MN

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When you’re looking for commercial cleaning, MN has a lot to offer. There are a lot of MN companies that can help with your commercial cleaning needs. All Source Building Services and Supply Co. is one of many, so what makes us stand apart from the rest?

MN business owners trust our commercial cleaning services thanks to our professional staff members. We are a professional company and we take pride in hiring only the best workers. We drug screen our workers and they also have to go through background checks. These are some of the best ways to ensure the workers we hire are trustworthy and will do the best job possible. We can’t speak to any other MN company when it comes to their hiring practices, of course, but before you hire any commercial cleaning company, you might want to ask about their hiring process and how they screen potential employees.

And before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you take time to get some questions answered. If you want any other tasks done during the commercial cleaning process, make sure you ask about them before signing a contract. For example, do you want kitchen supplies like trash bags restocked on a regular basis? What about bathroom supplies, like paper towels or toilet paper? Making sure you and the cleaning company you hire are both on the same page can go a long way!

All Source is very flexible when it comes to commercial cleaning, what kind of work we can do for your MN business and how often we can come in to do the work. We take a great deal of pride in the fact that we can come in daily, weekly, monthly or as needed. Not all MN commercial cleaning companies are this flexible!

So when you are ready to hire a commercial cleaning company for your MN business, give us a call at 952-473-3228 or contact us online for a free estimate.

The All Source team did a really great job cleaning our building. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Our previous office cleaners left us high and dry, and were not doing a very good job. Dan and his crew came in and did the job right. These guys are untouchable.
Not only is All Source great at what they do, but the staff is friendly and professional. Thanks for all you do!
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